Birthday Boy: Steven Stamkos

I think it’s safe to say you all know how I feel about Steven Stamkos.  I don’t run away from just anyone in the street!  Well today is Stammer’s 22nd birthday… as if I needed an excuse to gush.

He’s handsome.

He’s charming.

And he has excellent friends.

But I digress.  Steven also has the most NHL goals ever by the age of 23 – 153 total, including 34 to lead the League this season.  Add that to 136 assists for a total of 289 points in 3.5 regular seasons.  And he’s the hero of my all-time favorite BAMF moment ever.

I know a lot of you are off Steven because of the hair.  It’s pretty awful, but I am not deterred.  And you could always focus on something else… like goals.

Right.  Goals in short sleeves.

Okay, okay.  The Lightning made a hot run through Feb/March last season, right over the Pens and Caps in the playoffs.  This year they have struggled.  They’re currently 10 points out of a playoff spot in the East, though fewer than 10 would put them into first in the Southeast and an automatic berth.  No one’s out yet.  Of their remaining 31 games, 26 are against Eastern Conference teams.

So happy birthday, Steven Stamkos.  We’re pulling for you (and carrying scissors in our purse.)  Follow Steven at @RealStamkos91 and read his ASG blog [link].  It’s no secret that good grammar and punctuation make us swoon.  (Pssst, Steven!  We take guest bloggers!)

For those of you keeping score at home, last year’s post – Birthday Boy 2011: Steven Stamkos.

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  1. Twenty two? That’s it? My god, today feels like the most depressing day ever.
    Until that photo of Gingeroux and Stamkos. Evil, Pants. Evil…

  2. Danielle Reply

    Anyone else notice that Stammer is looking at Giroux like he wants to go to prom with him?

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