It's Alright, It's Okay.

Sid and the Pens held a press conference yesterday to prove that he still looks this good in a suit.  Also to clarify the neck injury he was diagnosed with by an LA doctor – it’s a “soft tissue” injury, not broken vertebrae.  He was treated in LA with injections to relieve the swelling and further injections should not be necessary. [link]  They expect him to heal fully.

I had something similar – a ruptured disk in my lower spine that required MRI and cortisone injections.  First off, they must have either an open or extra large MRI because there’s no way they’re fitting Crosby’s backside into the MRI they used for me.  They say “don’t open your eyes,” so of course I opened my eyes.  And spent the next 45 min barely warding off a panic attack.

We're going to need a bigger boat.

When they do the injections, they also tell you “don’t look at the needle.”  So naturally I did.  Holy schnikies, I hope they use a smaller one on neck injuries because this thing could have gone right through me into the table.  But in my case, they worked.  One round of shots = enormous improvement.  Here’s hoping it goes the same for Sid.

The Pens won a wild game last night vs. Toronto that involved Neal’s pass hitting Malkin in the arm and going in with 7 seconds left to tie.  Then Geno scored the only goal in the shootout.  Unstoppable!  Flower made some incredible saves and had a total love-fest with Letang.  I think we were interrupting their date night.  Tanger dove into the net behind Fleury to back him up, then winked at him from the bench.  It was better than the Kiss Cam!  At the end they did a totally 10th grade, Fresh Prince-style windmill high five.  I’m still hoping for a .gif of it to show you all.


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  2. I realy hope that gif surfaces soon. I didn’t get to watch the game last night but the twitterverse exploded about it last night.

  3. Tanger and Flower do that same high five after every game. And it is adorable every single time.

    • Has someone already captured it into a gif?! I have never seen it in it’s full TV glory before!

  4. Lulu Reply

    I’ve been waiting all day for the gif to arrive. I figured you all would be the ones to have it. For the love of Letang PLEASE find the gif!

  5. Every time the high-five happens kittens and puppies burst into being and all is well in the universe.
    They are too adorable to be allowed.