Workout with Crosby

I really am doing an ASG Weekend recap post, but I missed a lot of the festivities.  It’s coming tonight, before everyone goes back to regular hockey work tomorrow.

For now, it appears Lindsay is not holding a grudge over the Claude Giroux Foxy Friday.  Or perhaps she is trying to cleanse us of all the ginger dreams.  In their place, she submits Sidney Crosby’s new Gatorade commercial.  Complete with the ice bath she needed after watching. 😉

It was announced over the weekend that in addition to his post-concussion syndrome, Crosby suffered a neck injury that has now healed.  It may or may not have been discovered in LA or Utah, and may or may not have been broken vertebrae. [link]

Am I getting this right?  Crosby goes to the doctor like every 10 minutes and it took someone 7 weeks to find this?  That is, if he didn’t injury his neck even before the last game he played (12/5 vs. Boston).  Crosby’s camp says the injury is no detriment to his concussion recovery process and things proceed as they were.

Sid’s currently cleared for “light exercise.”  I guess this commercial was filmed before his symptoms resurfaced, because I’m tired and hungry just looking at it.  Ray Shero is optimistic that Crosby will play again this season.  So am I, and so are you.  Go put on your C, you’ll feel better.

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  1. Cassy Reply

    Ok, my healthcare professional hat is on! When it comes to neck injuries, unless they did MRIs of his neck as well as his head (bizarrely, not done at the same time – separate scans) then they won’t have picked it up. And it is also perfectly possible that any cervical injury (whiplash, cracked vertebra, tho more likely whiplash) could have been contributing to the headaches.

    Lindsay has done a grand job turning you back away from the Dark Side of the Force ;).

    I shall step off my professional soapbox now. I missed the ASG. we are having “issues” with our cable signal right now grrr

  2. On this Crosby commercial, happy to decrease everyone’s productivity since obviously I’m suffering. When I saw the spot last night I practically shouted – in front of my husband, no less: “WHAT IS THIS COMMERCIAL?!”

    And zero grudges on the Gingeroux Foxy Friday post from up here in Canada. In fact, Carter can now attest that I’ve fully crossed over to that dark side.

    Actual text message from me to Carter this morning: “Dude. Gingeroux is going to be in my city on Feb. 25. WHAT IS LIFE?!” Your brainwashing is complete, Pants.

  3. AYF Reply

    Hey PANTS!!!

    Glad to see you’re back blogging again! We missed you! Hockey is more fun when you’re blogging…

    And thanks for the Sid update/commercial. Miss the guy…hockey is also more fun when he’s playing…come back soon Sid!

  4. I really don’t know what this says about me, but my only thought during that commercial was, “Those medball push-ups look hard.” And then, “Must never show this to my coaches.” But finally, “Sid needs more of those clingy white shirts.”
    If I wasn’t already tired from practice, I’m beat.
    I miss Sid a lot too, but I’m so afraid he’ll come back and then we’ll have a massive repeat of the past year, which I really really don’t want.

  5. I probably SHOULDN’T have had 2 glasses of wine before watching this video. I have the case of the giggles…