Mikey Monday: Ring the Alarm

Let’s just come right out and say it: What the hell is going on?!

Mike Green left Saturday’s game against San Jose about halfway through.  Coach Hunter said it was precautionary, resulting from “tightness” in his groin injury.  Yesterday the Caps held a practice before leaving for LA – and neither Mike nor Nicky participated.  The team won’t say anything official and damned time zones mean we have to wait a few extra hours today.  But it’s possible they’ll both be out tonight vs. the Kings.

The hit is right at the beginning of that video – he seems fine after, but apparently not.

“With Mike we’ve been dealing with that all season long, it sounds bad but that’s nothing new. We’re used to it almost,” Troy Brouwer said. “But Nicky is our best player, he controls the play when he’s on the ice he makes things happens. We’ve just got to find other ways around that.” [WashingtonPost.com/CapitalsInsider]

We’re staying positive, right?  About the season in general?  This could be a minor setback for both players, and at least they have each other (BFFs).   But it’s beginning to feel like the fates are against us right now.  The Penguins come to DC on Wednesday – no Crosby, Letang, Staal, Neal and maybe no Backstrom or Green?  PANTSPOCALYPSE!  What have I done to deserve this?!

Gator said I had a tough weekend, I can have a Snickers today.  She’s such a good friend.

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  1. My heart… it hurts.

  2. Cya Reply

    I’ll be at the game night…just not the same with Mike and Nicky out…

    • Cya Reply

      I’ll try to get a picture of them feeding nachos to each other in the press box.

  3. Kitkat Reply

    This is just sad & tragic…. it makes me want to write sad poems inside my TrapperKeeper

    • 100 WUYS Bonus Points for using “TrapperKeeper” in a comment.

    • With your Lisa Frank folders?

      • Kitkat Reply

        Of course…. who uses plain folders in their TrapperKeeper? That is just so not cool. I better get back to practicing tight-rolling my jeans for tommorow’s game.

  4. Added to all this misery is the fact that the Blackhawks just announced that Patrick Sharp will miss 3-4 weeks with an upper-body injury. Honestly, there isn’t enough time in the day for all the prayer circles I’ve had to schedule. So many tears.

  5. Now it seems like there’s bad news everyday about injuries. And lots of Caps blogs are starting in on Mikey again. Usually it’s “TRADE HIM, ZOMG!!1!” but this year it’s just “WHY WOULD YOU RE-SIGN HIM, HE’S ALWAYS HURT!!” and it’s becoming a full-time job trying to avoid all of it.

    I can’t picture Piglet without Pooh Bear, it makes me too sad.