Harder to Breathe

I’d like to float the idea that we may have misunderstood the rapture.  It wasn’t coming for us, it was coming for hockey.  And it’s pretty much called up everyone from the Pittsburgh Penguins (I knew they were the best.)

James Neal out “weeks” with a broken foot.

Jordan Staal out 4-6 weeks with a knee injury.


There are no words.  How can one team be so unlucky?  Is it me?  Should I just leave because of all the trouble I’ve caused?

Click for dramatic reenactment.

Bylsma discussed the injuries in this video [link] and talked about next steps for the Penguins.  What else can you do?  The Pens have played through some touch injury combinations over the past few seasons, but this one takes the cake.  I hope Geno’s arms are feeling really long.

Real time photo of Pants as Disco Dan was talking.

I’m trying to be hopeful.  Heck, I’m already crazy.  Crank up the “Don’t Stop Believing” and see where the season takes us.  4-6 weeks can sometimes be 2-3 weeks, and the rest of the Penguins squad is solid enough to pull of some miracles.  But today, if you need me, I’ll driving aimlessly in the Nealmobile in my Pens sweater and stopping at every drive-thru that sells ice cream.

(And because that’s not enough, in last night’s game vs. San Jose, Mike Green left halfway through because of returning “tightness” of his groin injury.  Hunter says they’re just being careful, letting him take it easy.  It wasn’t like they were going to win that shitslide anyway.  Hopefully he was brushing Nicky’s hair in the locker room and resting up.)

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  1. AYF Reply


    But it’s OK. Benny Lovejoy (love the name LOVEJOY!!!) is back from a broken wrist sustained in early Dec and I know the other Pens will be back stronger than ever. Go PENS! #Believe.

  2. I’m sorry, Pants. Do you need a hug? And a ridiculously large glass of wine?

  3. Reports are that James Neal was actually on the ice this morning. Dude is Iron Man.