Mikey Monday: Still Sore

It’s Monday again, and still no timetable to Mike Green’s return to the ice.  He apparently saw a specialist for his groin injury, depending on who you ask, and joined the Caps in Colorado.  He didn’t skate there, but today…

Mike has missed 17 straight games – wah waaaaaah.  This means that again, there is nothing to post.  So we’re getting in the wayback machine to visit something that will never happen again (now that everyone knows I live here):

And this from ’10, where Nicky B tells everyone, “Well, I’m single.”  No wonder he didn’t show at this year’s Caps Convention panel with Carly & Alzner.  Mike’s probably still mad about this.

Remember when the Caps won 7 straight to start the year?  They haven’t been able to string together more than two wins in a row since then.  They won all 8 games Mike has played in this season.  The way things are going, we wonder if they can win 8 more.  Something needs to happen (and quick) so the Caps can get their swag back.

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