Foxy Friday: Thanksgiving

Hurkey durkey, Turkey!  We know you’re all thankful for hockey, and this week’s Foxy Friday is just a reminder of all the things in the world there are to celebrate.

Dawn & Chuck are out shopping and Intern Jeff Skinner is making sweet potatoes with marshmallows (you should see his apron), so I’m going to kick things off with my 5 (or so) favorite hockey players:

1. Sidney Crosby – Come on back, buddy.  Bring your mustache, we don’t care.  We’re thankful for Sid’s career 215 goals/572 points, half a Rocket Richard trophy and one giant, shiny Stanley Cup.  He also gets my undying devotion and willingness to endure being booed in every arena that’s not Pittsburgh.  A year without him on the ice is far too long.

Yes, I ate a cookie.

2. Mike Green – If you have to ask why, you must be new around here.  Please refer to posts about hedgehogs, scooters, scarves and tattoos.  My condition has not been helped by a move to the DC-area.  Fidget has a career 82 goals/250 points, 2 Norris Trophy nominations, 2 national Geico commercials and a day of the week dedicated just to him.  It’s the smile.

3. Jonathan Toews – Captain Derpface is the shit.  Get on board, people.  Tazer not only plays the best straight-man to Kaner’s antics, but he’s been the heart and soul of his team since he was 21.  His goal with about 1:24 left in the playoff game 7 vs. Vancoucer last season to take the Hawks to overtime and possibly advance toward a Cup repeat was one of my all-time favorite NHL goals.  He just willed it into the net.  I cried.  Yes, I’m crazy.  Thanks for 124 goals/284 points, a Stanley Cup and my vote for MVP last season.  We award you squats, feel free to do them any time.

4. Steven Stamkos – Hockey paradise, they call Tampa Bay.  We might agree.  Stammer has 130 goals/251 points in just 3.25 seasons – you’d smile all the time too.  For all the hype, Stamkos was a slower rookie starter than Toews, Kane or Crosby, which maybe makes me love him more.  He struggled.  The Lightning struggled.  And then last season they steamrolled the Pens & Caps, only to lose a heartbreaker game 7 to the Bruins.  Make that a face-breaker.  For this (and for Gator), Stamkos forever.

5. Wild Card – This place has belonged to a lot of deserving players.  Nicklas Backstrom for keeping his head down and working so hard while everyone around him preens for the camera.  James Neal for fighting through overly high expectations and finally busting out.  Jordan Staal for playing with that severed foot tendon, for being so desperate to play on 24/7.  Fleury for standing in that net every night even when he sucked.  St. Louis for seeming 10 feet tall.

Honorable Mention . Jeff Skinner – For all his hard work around here.

Okay, let’s hear it.  Who are you Top 5 and why?  Try not to write a novel.  Or cry.  I totally teared up over Toews & Stamkos – fangirl moment.


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  1. OMG Pants was this your favourite WUYS post you’ve ever written??
    My top 5:

    1. Jonathan Toews
    2. Jonathan Toews
    3. Jonathan Toews
    4. Jonathan Toews
    5. Jonathan Toews

    OK, fine – it really is:

    1. Jonathan Toews
    2. Patrick Kane
    3. Patrick Sharp
    4. Steven Stamkos
    5. Sidney Crosby

    No surprises here, but they play like BAMFs for their teams. And ‘cuz they’re foxy and they know it.

    • I believe the first list more.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    THAT picture of Neal? I would have thought you’d use the “Neal goes Hawaii Five-O” gem. They called it “awesomely bad”, but where I am from we call it “Tuesday”. I remember the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party the Pens had a few years back. Wearing one of THOSE for a week should be the REAL punishment for the loser of the shootout!
    And my list:
    1) LeBang
    2) LeBang
    3) LeBang
    4) LeBang
    5) LeTang

  3. Cassy Reply

    My top 5? Just 5? Ok then…

    1. TIMMMMMAYYYY Thomas. Do ya need to ask why?
    2. The Professor for being a workhorse and example. And, well, FOXY.
    3. Mr Blue Blue Eyes, #21, Brooks Laich himself, for being the Caps’ answer to Bergy and [censored thought]
    4. Sid the Kid Crosby. Because I have bad, bad thoughts.
    5. Marc Savard. Blue eyes again. Bruins AGAIN. Just…well…I’d fight Chuck for him. I would. 😉

    I love you Intern Jeff Skinner, but you’re just so young I blush when you bend over in the office, but a pat on the head for keeping my secret stash of watchamacallit bars stocked up and practising your Windsor knot!

    PS brining both pecan and pumpkin pie to this shindig, but remember to go easy on the egg-nog. I can’t remember how much booze I put in it…

  4. Scorpiosue1102 Reply

    If I had to do my top 5 it would be:

    1. Mike Green because he’s Mike Green and that’s all we need to know.
    2. James Neal. Because he’s now a Pen AND cuddles dogs.
    3. Jonathon Toews. I’m from Chicago so he just HAS to be on the list.
    4. Rick Nash. Burly, facial hair full of goodness
    5. Sid the Kid for the sake of his oh shucks, OCDish, full lips full of goodness.

    Honorable mention: Max Talbot because he is the epitome of swagger

  5. My top 5:
    1. Rick Nash: The first hockey player I ever loved (y’know, way back to a whole year ago when I got into hockey). Gotta respect (and question the sanity) of a man with talent like that who remains true to his team.
    2. Brooks Laich: He changes tires for fans, is a 2-way forward, plays D in a pinch, and re-signed with the Caps because he couldn’t stand to be away from his friends.
    3. Mike Green: Who doesn’t love pooh bear? Also, he thinks I’m nice, so I’ll return the favor there.
    4. Danny Briere: Though the NHL says he’s 5’10” (and having been to Flyers practice, I’ll give him that…when he’s on the ice in skates…it’s really more like 5’4″), that man can play like someone who’s a foot taller.
    5. Flower: He’s got talent and personality! He stands on his head (literally sometimes) and he’s racking up fantasy points for my team like nobody’s business 🙂

  6. I love t-shirt on Sid wayyyyy too much…

    Oh, you want me to make a top 5?
    Sid in that shirt times 4 and then Intern Jeff Skinner as number 5 because whenever I pretend to be our of staples, he lets me borrow his. :]

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  7. Becky Reply

    Hm, only 5? Okay, here goes:

    1) Patrice Bergeron
    2) Jonathan Ericsson
    3) Johnny Boychuk
    4) Brian Boyle – (Don’t hate on me. I know he went to BC.)
    5) Boyd Gordon

  8. Oh, Pants. This is why I love you. As would be expected, my list is fairly Penguin-centric.

    1. Sid. Self-explanatory. He is hockey to me.
    2. Geno. The Russian angel of my dreams.
    3. Jordan Staal. Quite a season for my #3 so far.
    4. Rick Nash. Quite a testament to his character that he stays in my beloved Columbus. Also, the lumberjack detail.
    5. Jonathan Toews. That face. That voice. That talent.

  9. Deanna Reply

    If I can only choose five…

    1: iCarly
    2: J. Staal
    3: Stammer
    4: Cory Emmerton (Wings rookie)
    5: PKane

    • Deanna, I approve of your list SO much.

  10. Veronica Reply

    I really want to ditto Lindsay’s first list! It was hard to narrow it down to just 5 but here it goes…

    1. Jonathan Toews…sigh..his eyes, his voice, his body, oh yeah, and he can play some hockey too…leads the league in face offs won…I would lose the draw against him too since I would be too busy staring at him to even notice the puck.
    2. Jeff Skinner…our little intern continues to defy gravity on the ice as he skates circles around the opposing team…not to mention he plays on one of the coolest named lines in the NHL…”Finns and Skins” line!
    3. Whoever said Marc Savard you are alright in my book! Unfortunately the Matt Cooke voodoo doll is not working like it should….damn you MC for ending Savvy’s career!
    4. Brent Seabrook…I had a nickname I gave him when he played for the Norfolk Admirals…yummy thighs…he sat down next to me on a couch in the hotel lobby….all I could do was stare at his amazing thighs…sigh
    5. Stammer…I have to say he has grown on me since I have started reading your blog…he’s not bad to look at either!

  11. Anonymous Reply

    Is it sad that I’ve been mulling this over for (literally) the whole weekend? Anyhow, here goes:

    1. Brooks Laich (obviously)
    2. Jonathan Ericsson (Detroit’s finest)
    3. Kris Letang (I mean, even the middle-aged male announcers are obsessed with him)
    4. Jordin Tootoo (there are a surprising number of shirtless photos of him on the web, all of which are amazing)
    5. Brent Seabrook (Veronica, I’m jealous)

  12. Why is it only limited to 5? I’m not sure I could make that list…I’ve tried. BEfore I knew it, I was at 20. I just cant stop.

    Hi, my name is L & I’m addicted to Hockey Players….