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Oh and maybe a few words …

I’ve mentioned this before how apoplectic Mr. Cherrie goes when ever Brett Hull get’s mentioned. Now it went full tilt when this came up and he posted the following photo because he’s now jumped on the twitter bandwagon and has been taunting Buffalo fans about the 1999 Stanley cup game. Now Buffalo fans – discuss.

if you know you cheated, do you rub it in?

And then for all you Winnipeg Jets fans and especially the PR staff, I heart you. Irony is thy name.Discuss.

There is definitely one less lonely girl if this ain't irony

And lastly, Mike Modano, I made you foxy friday before you retired, you were my first hockey crush ever, and in retirement, you still own my heart even though you married, well, let’s not go there. But now that you have more time on your hands, everyone should follow you to twitter. I love you more now, than I did before, if that were even possible. Please post more of these. You are still FOXY!

I want to go to this Halloween party - where ever it is ...

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    • Alexis! I would have made these but instead the best I could do was a big 52. I really have no skill!

      • Anonymous Reply

        You did better then me. I didn’t carve a pumpkin this year.

  1. Dawn – dear God. This is hysterical. And Mike Modano’s thighs are kinda skinny, no? Is it a new generation thing to have a wagon like Toews (or Sid, Mikey, Ovi) is draggin’?