Happy Birthday Pants!

From your partner-in-crime.

Yea.  Berfdai.

Stammer, Tazer, Greener, Sid, and Nealmobile have choreographed something very special for you.

You’re welcome.

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  1. Oh my God, that is… there are no words. Like the dancing Christmas elves… I’m speechless.

    • Who knew they had moves like that? Also who knew Tazer was black from the neck down?

      • Shannon Reply

        Tazer being black from the neck down just might have been my favorite part of that whole video! lmao.

      • Cassy Reply

        Are those my dancing Christmas elves? Just wondering. The big one was pretty awesome 🙂

    • raedanda Reply

      That. Is awesome. Happy, happy birthday, Pants! 🙂

  2. Lisa Reply

    That was the greatest thing ever! Can it please be your birthday EVERYDAY! Loved the Stamkos pierced nipples!

  3. AYF Reply

    Happy birthday Pants! Hope you get lots of cake! Chuck – you’re a great friend (nice dance group!).

  4. Kačka Reply

    That made my life 😀 Happy birthday Pants!

  5. Lulu Reply

    Best. Birthday. Present. Ever.

  6. Shannon Reply

    Wow! That was…. amazing! Happy birthday Pants!

  7. Cya Reply

    I feel like it’s everyone’s birthday with that present. Everyone wins!
    Have a fantastic birthday!

  8. Oh my good lord!!! How lucky are you that these 5 superstars came together for your birthday and did something so special!! Best.Video.Ever!!! hahahah Happy Birthday Pants!!!

    • I put in a few phone calls. Baked some cookies. And it all just came together.

      Video shoot was a blast. Don’t even get me started on the man-scaping happening up in there.

      Tazer was all Mariah Carey. Total diva.

      • Hahahah that is a true friend right there!!

        Omg! Man-scaping!! Baaahahahahah

        A diva huh?? I’m heading to Chicago to see him (and the rest of the Hawks) this weekend so I’ll definitely give him crap for that!! 😉

  9. I just died. That was the best thing I’ve ever seen.
    Stammer with nipple piercings?? Oh my gosh, so funny!!!

  10. Amazing work Chuck. Just… stunning. This may be the best thing on the internet.

    PS – my birthday is November 2nd. Just sayin’.

  11. excuse me while I go get my stack on $1’s…..can we redo this video shoot? I got some money to blow…