Don't Let the Door Hit You…

Sean Avery has been placed on waivers by the Rangers.  It’s like the episode of 24 where Kim Bauer went hiking in Los Angeles, got cornered by a cougar and had to be rescued by a hillbilly in a bunker.  If she were real, she’d still be dating this jackass.

Read all about it on Puck Daddy.

Will someone pick him up?  According to the NY Post it would cost a team $1 million to have Avery for the year.  His salary is $4 million: the Rangers would pay $1 mill and the Dallas Stars are still paying $2 mill.  That’s right, two teams would pay a combined 75% of Avery’s salary to NOT have him on their rosters.  Ask The Situation how it felt when Abercrombie offered to pay him not to wear their clothes.

Avery’s effectiveness as an annoying bastard is undeniable – he rattles other teams – but he draws tons of penalties in the process.  To the equation, teams must add the likelihood Sean will do something off the ice that speaks louder than anything he does on it.  I just don’t see the point of Sean Avery.  I think any number of guys can do what he does (we’ve got “your mama” jokes galore) with a lot less headache.

This is real. I didn't Photoshop in these glasses.

So with two teams already putting their money where Avery’s mouth is… what happens now?

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  1. AYF Reply

    Glad that a-hole is getting booted off yet another team! Did he learn nothing in mini-mites? Kids – this is what happens when you don’t listen to your parents and your coaches! You become the most hated player in the NHL and beyond.

    But happy news that he’s getting what he deserves!

  2. Shannon Reply

    Not shedding a single tear over this! In fact I think a celebration is in order! The NHL will (hopefully) have one less douchebag to worry about! Although with all of the suspensions being dished out already he probably wouldn’t have played much this season anyway.

  3. I don’t really have much of an opinion on Avery. All I know is that he’s a major troll and I’m really not surprised.
    The first picture reminds me of when little seven year old boys ask “Do you like seafood?” while chewing and then open their mouth wide.

  4. I need one of those Jars in my apartment. I think it’d be full pretty quickly….

  5. Darlene Reply

    I’m not an Avery fan at all but it would have been interesting to see him in the HBO 24/7 this winter.

  6. 75% of his salary being paid by teams who don’t want him. Wow.