Speaking of Capt. Awesome.

not looking at the hockey stick here.

Ovi crashed the Caps rookie camp yesterday and skated with the newbies! He sported the fashionable black jersey with his named slapped on the back and skated along with all the other young bucks.

For being slagged as not so hands on (I protest & wish!) and for supposedly not being in shape – so not so – he seemed to not only keep pace with the teenagers, and yes, I said teenagers, at 25, eh hem, soon to be 26 – VERY SOON – to be 26. That would make some of them almost half his age! OMG. He’s an old man in hockey years! Get the cane out ladies! Can you believe that?

The kids had a great first day at school and learned from the best. And a tale to tell years from now! My first day at rookie camp I got to skate with Ovechkin!

I’d be more like, my first day at rookie camp, I got to shower with Ovechkin and well it would be nothing like Pant’s dream and there would be no laughing involved. I hope you ate you lunch already Pants!

And just so you know ladies, he told everyone during his Bauer press conference, in case you missed it, HIS BODY IS PERFECT. So no worries about him being fat. And I have to agree. Not that I’m biased or anything.

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