Foxy Friday: BioSteel Sports Camp

Okay, they earned it. Videos and photos and… thank heaven for this week.  And for Alyonka Larionov (person I am most jealous of in the world!)’s Twitter photos.  Who said something about Seguin wearing the heck out of a suit? Did you ask for a t-shirt?

That sound you hear is Chuck's lifeless body hitting the floor.

And Stamkos showing off (approved):

There's a "throw me up against the wall" joke here...

I obliged Intern Jeff Skinner and did a single pull-up at the gym yesterday.  Almost popped my shoulders out.  I can plank and run and lift… but not like this.  I get woozy just thinking about it.  Not enough BioSteel in the world to get me through 1/10th of what these guys do.

Impressed yet?

He doesn't even look tired.

What you really want is video of Biz doing yoga in his unders.  You got it.

And hey, look who got 10 seconds of camera time?

Frankly, this is not enough.

So that’s Foxy Friday – the boys working it out because they can’t wait to get back together with you.  Now if this hurricane really takes us all out, at least you saw Biz in his skivvies.

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  1. Cassy Reply

    Now that I have the Internet back, I will spend my evening watching the BioSteel videos and in breaks, praying for you guys on the East Coast… Sending hugs, battery lanterns, camping stoves, bottled water & tinned food x

  2. S*$@#*(&@$S)(#$_)%^+!&*^

    OK, that’s done. Seriously, I’m gonna die looking at this photos and video. But really, isn’t this the best way to go?

    The half your age plus 7 rule (aka, the only math you ever need to know) is getting broken because of Segs in that shirt. ROWR!

    And Stammer with his quad muscles? And Biz doing yoga?

    Thanks ladies. It was nice knowing you.

  3. Seguin makes me think bad, bad, yet good things.

    Watching those video makes me realize a few things:

    Stamkos is really really really fast.
    Intern Jeff’s smile just makes you all warm and fuzzy.
    Hockey players doing yoga = hot.
    Doing yoga in their unders = lava.

  4. I believe it was me who was admiring young young Seguin in his suit. But the t-shirt? Oh yes, the t-shirt is much better. That manchild, lord help me… As Chuck said, bad bad but good things.

    There is a Day 5 video as well, the link for which currently evades me, wherein Seguin is throwing a medicine ball. It’s official. It needs to be it’s own category.

  5. bethm Reply

    Oh, to be a fly on those walls.

  6. Cheryl Reply

    Oh lordy…call me a happy, happy girl. (Of course the EMT/nurse in me was all “he needs mouth-to-mouth” when Tyler lays out on the floor). I guess the good thing is he’s only 3 yrs younger than me.

    Thank you for making a dull day so much brighter (and sexier!) 🙂

  7. So I finally got a chance to watch the videos on a real computer and you know that exercise where they are bouncing the giant medicine ball? Does that remind anyone else of that scene in Zoolander when Derek and Hansel are trying to get the files “out of the computer”? Just me? Oookay…