Good Excuse to be a Bad Influence

The BioSteel sports camp is this week in Toronto and Biz Tweeted this photo of his lucky locker room assignment:

@BizNasty2point0 - The @BioSteelSports camp all this week in Toronto. Don't worry Lightning fans, Stamkos is in good hands.

We suggest you lock up your daughters bloggers.

If you’re wondering how Stammer’s off-season project of impersonating Nicky Backstrom is going, here’s an update on his hair and the upcoming season [video].

Happy Monday, kids!


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  1. Noooooo, Stammer, nooooooo! The hair – god, my eyes – the hair!

    Hopefully hanging out with Biz will teach him all the right lessons – cut your hair, don’t wear shiny suits, don’t wear T-shirts out of beer boxes (not sure if he does this but it’s a great lesson nonetheless) – and none of the bad ones.

    Biz could be very, very good or very, very bad. Stammer’s too innocent for the latter. I’m a little scared.