Foxy Friday: Stanley Cup

The most beautiful trophy in sports.  You totally want to kiss it.

At my wedding, Boston Bruins fan extraordinaire Tom and his genius girlfriend Michelle gave our party the one thing it was missing.  This tin foil beauty sits in my office and whenever I do something great, I lift it over my head.

Somewhere in the box marked “Bad Hair/Flannel Shirt Years” is a photo of me at age 14 with the real Stanley Cup.  If I ever find it, I might even show it to you.

Also, can I get an NHL table cloth please?


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  1. Obviously, a WUYS wedding is not complete without a miniature Stanley Cup.

  2. Oh God… is it October yet?!

  3. Cassy Reply

    :D. I was in this room at a function last year. I am staring, open-mouthed at this LARGE piece of silverwear on a table and people are getting pics taken of them with it. So I say: “That…that’s not what I think it is,…is it?”

    This older guy, wearing this Bruins jersey with a 4 on it (I think he might have been famous or something LOL *winks*) turns to me and says: “well yes, ma’am, yes it is.”

    *very bad words said here*

    It’s very, very impressive close up. And shiny. I like SHINY.

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