We Were Only Freshmen

Chuck and I may have had a class with Chris Drury at BU our freshman year.  No one remembers for sure.  We obviously learned a lot in “Rocks for Jocks” or whatever we were studying, and that knowledge comes in handy today when identifying the sediment strata of the landscape in pictures of Jonathan Toews golfing.

New York Rangers captain Chris Drury has told the New York Post he will accept a buyout of the final year of his contract Wednesday, and become an unrestricted free agent Friday.

Drury signed a five-year, $35.25 million with the Rangers on July 1, 2007. According to CapGeek.com, Drury will count approximately $3.716 million against the 2011-12 salary cap, and about $1.667 million in 2012-13. [NHL.com]

Chris battled injury last year, including that pesky broken finger that really made NYR Fan Steph mad.  He’s 34, has played 12 seasons and tallied 255 goals + 360 assists.  He was part of the ’01 Avs team that I loved so much, along with Ray Borque.  That was a fun year.

And thanks to Wikipedia for doing all this work:

(Terrier) Puppy Love

So… where do 34 year old former captains with possible serious knee problems go?  We’ll have to wait and see.  Let’s hope he gets  a few more seasons in before he’s done (even if he does like the Yankees).
PS: This post makes us feel old. If you don’t know the song from post title, you definitely didn’t have class with us.
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  1. He also won the little league world series! Whatta guy. Maybe one day he’ll go back to BU and help Parker win some more trophies for the Terriers!