Baby, Baby, Baby, Noooooo…

The only upside to this is now Logan Couture and I have more time to practice the Justin Bieber dance routine we’re going to perform when he wins the Calder Trophy in Vegas.

Okay Eastern Conference.  Give me something to care about!

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  1. OMG – did you see Logan’s Tweets from this afternoon? For realz:


    “Man, the season ends too quickly. Just comes to a stop out of nowhere. Feels weird not going to the rink today. Thanks for an amazing year.”

    “Sharks fans. Truly blessed to play in a city where fans are so proud of their team. Thank you for the support through the highs and the lows.”

    “It was quite a journey this year. We will come back stronger and hungrier next year. #stayloud fans, we can still hear you.”

    This sad shark is crying now. Poor Logan.

    • LoCo will feel better after we watch the prom dance sequence from “She’s All That” a few times in warm-ups.