Intern Birthday Party!

Happy Birthday, Intern Jeff Skinner!  Instead of having you write your own birthday post, we wanted to make sure you feel completely appreciated by the girls of WUYS.  You are the best (um, only) intern we’ve ever had and while we don’t have to pay you, we can take a moment to remember the highlights of your season with us:

Your first day at WUYS (seven months ago):

That time you believed “media training” meant letting Pants and Chuck cut your hair:

That time Dawn asked you what Kris Letang wore under his gear at the ASG:

That time you charmed the entire world into asking you to the prom (even if Cassy had to windsor your tie).  SWAG:

That time everyone loved you, and you realized WUYS might be on to something here:

That time you scored a ton of goals, were generally incredible and still looked this excited every single time:

Your birthday party starts at 4 PM in the conference room.  Just as well you’re 19, we’ve got Mexi-Colas and Whatchamacallit bars for everyone.  Eric and Cam have RSVP’d and well, then we didn’t bother inviting anyone else.  Best party ever!

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  1. Oh, God. I can’t even watch that video with the Man Crush fan….poor Intern Skinner. Hopefully your birthday is full of amazing memories so you can forget that horrific one!

  2. This is just precious. Party is at 4 in the conference room? Could you maybe, just maybe, extend an invite this way? Skinner is adorable and I know the day is supposed to be all about him, but if Staal and Ward RSVPed, I might be stalking around outside, anyway.

    Plus, I feel like I need to try one of these Mexi-Colas.

  3. We love you Intern Jeff Skinner! You’ll forever be our #1.
    He is just so adorbs, I can’ts stands it!

    I just finished putting up the streamers and the balloons are on their way!

    @Brittany – Mexican coca cola is the greatest thing ever. Seek it out if you can. Your life will be changed.

  4. Cassy Reply

    Sadly I can’t make it, but you did get the cake I baked at the weekend, right? I did Fedex it over. The one with the Carolina logo painted on. Cake Boss Buddy and Duff Goldman both think I should quit here and go work for them.

    Bless, Intern Jeff keeps that tie still knotted but loosened. It’s in the top drawer of his desk. But I got him a new tie. Silk. Hope ya like it! Enjoy the party and no spiking the punch! Pants, I’m looking at you…