Let it Out.

I can’t stop laughing.  Someone sent me this because I said I’d never heard Sasha Fierce speak a word – and he actaully speaks English in this video.  But the show is stolen by Ovi’s maniac roller coaster screaming… man, if you could gif a noise this would be the best.  Start at the 1 minute mark.

Sorry for the double-Ovi today but Sasha!! Giggles!

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  1. W-O-W. That was priceless. I played that laugh several times until my husband asked me, “WHAT are you watching??” Ugh….nothing. Pure awesomeness. Thanks for sharing!

  2. so wonderful, thanks for finding the vid! Love the sesame street song and Nate (former Caps PR guy and friend) doing the interviewing of the Russians.

    I was at that STH party and it was pretty awesome.

    The giggles, I cannot even handle the giggles.

  3. Lisa Reply

    I had to watch it 5 times to understand that he was saying “Batmobile!” So Russian!

    • Jones Reply


  4. Jones Reply

    Why am I always surprised that Semin is so dishy? Because he is, despite the questionable Euro fashion choices and the fact that he fights like an 8 year old girl.

    Ovi on the rollercoaster is m-f-ing priceless.

    • savannah f Reply

      fuck you,jones!