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So the Sharks are up 3-0 on the Red Wings.  And Stephanie Tanner is pissed!  That’s the same face Gator is making right now in her office, partially because she’s from the D and partially because Stamkos is not coming back to DC for her.

Last night was the 2nd OT game of this round for San Jose/Detroit, and the 5th OT game San Jose has played in these playoffs.  They’ve won all 5.  That’s impressive.  Ghetto Sushi had the hattie last night to make sure it stung.

What is with this 3-0 leads and overtimes?  It’s like someone infused the NHL Playoffs with a little Bravo-style reality TV drama.  If ever a team could come back, it’s Detroit.  If ever a team could give it up, it’s San Jose.  But could this be it, the magical year when Chuck’s lifetime of Joe Thornton devotion pays off and they actually make it really far in the playoffs?

So much good, undone by that shirt.

I’m not rooting for the Sharks, despite being my almost-hometown team for 4 years.  The free jersey and perfectly coordinated teal nail polish are staying away.  I’m cursed like the Titanic and I refuse to take any more teams down with me.

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  1. alexisfrisinger Reply

    Seriously, with shirts like that, they are just one step away from NASCAR.

    My Richie wears those awful things too.

  2. Mike Green wears them too. These guys need a publicist. Luckily Dawn and I are trained professionals.

  3. Oh Joey. Why? Who told you that shirt looked good? Dany Heatley? Ya, well, he’s an idiot. Who spells Danny with one N? Honestly…

    What am I going to do if it is a Sharks/Bruins finals? GAH!!

    • Cassy Reply

      I’m flying over and you and I are going to watch the deciding game getting very, VERY drunk. Because they’re my go-to Western Conference team….


    • Lindsay Reply

      What is with the Sharks and their ridiculous name spelling? Dan(n)y Heatley? Ryan(e) Clow(e)? Seriously, they give Canadians a bad name.

  4. Lindsay P Reply

    You think the shirt is bad, check out the fancy design on his jeans. Oh Joe…it’s a good think you are yummy to look at.

    • Lindsay, you should try out for CSI. I kept getting distracted by the skull, didn’t even see the ivy/vine crawling up his leg.

  5. Jaime Reply

    You should do the world a favour and root for the Canucks. I would, except I hate them too much for it to be remotely realistic and it would just backfire on me.

    Take one for the team, Pants!

  6. Big game for the Sharks yesterday and the 3 assists from Joe were huge. Joe Thornton has to continue to play the same way and help lead his team to the Stanley Cup. They can’t do it without a solid performance throughout from. I don’t think they need him to be super Joe of the regular season but definitely better than he has been. And I gotta be honest, I cheer against the Sharks just cuz it’s kind of fun to see them flop every year but really it’s good for Joe because he’s a class act. They better not lose this one because I can’t imagine how Joe’s legacy will suffer even more.