Call the Shots

Chuck and I are kicking it Miss Cleo-style and find we’re really on the same page about Round 1 of the Playoffs.

We're not Jamaican, neither is she.


No.1  Washington Capitals vs No.8 New York Rangers

Chuck: Capitals.  Because I like way more guys on the Capitals than I do on the Rangers.

Pants: Capitals.  I have always hated the Rangers and I don’t want to see Dawn or Mike Green cry.  Too many early-round exits, time to deliver on some promise.

No.2 Philadelphia Flyers vs No.7 Buffalo Sabres

Chuck: Flyers.  Because I want to see Scott Hartnell’s beard get an assist like in those Verizon ads

Pants: Flyers, even though I don’t like it.  Holding out hope that Ryan Miller can shut it down.

No.3 Boston Bruins vs the No.6 Montreal Canadians

Chuck: Killer B’s, baby.  I hate the Canadiens with the fire of 1 million suns.

Pants: Bruins.  Cassy hearts Bergy and I haaaaaaaaaaate PK Subban.  And Carey Price.  And the rest of ‘em.

No.4 Pittsburgh Penguins vs No.5 Tampa Bay Lightning

Chuck: This will be a great series.  Penguins.


Trannysaurus Rex says ROAR.


No.1 Vancouver Canucks vs. No.8 Chicago Blackhawks

Chuck: Canucks.  With the Sedin Twins, they’re are just too strong right now and the Hawks just made it in by the skin of their teeth and some miracle of math.

Pants: Hawks.  Because it’s nice here inside my delusions.  Considering crashing the power grid so they can’t plus in the Sedinbots at night.

No.2 San Jose Sharks vs No.7 Los Angeles Kings

Chuck: Sharks, but the Kings could make this very interesting….

Pants: Sharks.  Because I have teal nail polish that matches my free SJ jersey perfectly.  Also, Logan Couture, Rookie of My Life.

No.3 Detroit Red Wings vs No.6 Phoenix Coyotes

Chuck: Red Wings.  Oldest team in the NHL (average age 31.4 years).  15 players over the age of 30.  That is a whole lotta experience there….

Pants: Red Wings.  Imagine what would happen if they lost to Phoenix?! A girl can dream.

Wah waaaaaaaaaaaaah.

No.4 Anaheim Ducks vs No.5 Nashville Predators

Chuck: Predators.  Two words: Pekka. Rinne.

Pants: Preds.  Both teams have been so strong, but the Preds have really surprised me.

Give us your predictions, why you feel that way and if you think we are bonkers for thinking the Capitals and Sharks might actually live up to something for once in their lives.


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  1. Raedanda Reply

    I always love the captions. That is all.

    Oh, and I concur (esp. with the first matchup). 😉

  2. Some times we share a brain.
    It is both terrifying…and sorta awesome.

  3. 1) Caps all the way. Aside from their slump back in the fall they have looked really good all year. And the Rangers are the suck. Period.

    2) I’m going Sabres because Ryan Miller is a beast and could probably play every position at once and STILL stand on his head between the pipes.

    3) I’m going Habs on this one because of Carey Price. That and the fact that Max Pacioretty is still out from that Chara hit and the syrup-lovers are pissed. BLIND CANADIAN FURY!

    4) Pens. Duh. WINNING! But honestly, I think they’re the better team between the two. Both have had a little bit of consistency issues this season, but I really think the pens are starting to get into a rhythm without Sid and Geno and leaning more on Stall, Neal and Kovy and all the lovely blue liners. But can you imagine if Captain Sidney and his shiny shield of truth comes out, guns blazing in game 6. HO-BOY! Life made.

    5) Canucks, if for nothing else but Kesler’s abs. I think it’ll be hard fought though. The hawks have something to prove now and the canucks could get a little sloppy since they had such a huge buffer between them and San Jose.

    6) Sharks, but only because I admittedly don’t know much about either team. Higher seed takes it.

    7) Ugh…Detroit. It pains me to say that. Bertuzzi makes me so angry I could kick a puppy. I’d love for the yotes to take it, if for nothing else but to keep Biznasty tweeting, but its a long shot.

    8) Preds. nuff said.

    • full of typos, but you know what I mean. Sorry, I get long winded at times, when the subject is really worthy

    • Seriously Pissed Reply

      Our blue line IS lovely, isn’t it? 🙂 If Letang could just hit the damned net, it would be perfect. That’s my playoff fantasy – Letang starts scoring goals again. I would be the happiest person in the world if he got a game winner this week. Well, okay, he’d probably be happier about it than I possibly could be. But I’d be seriously out of my mind with joy.

      • OH MY GOD! Hilarious

  4. Cassy loves Bergy, Savvy (:(), Ryder, TIIIMMMMMMAAAAAYYYYY, Ty-Ty, Foxy Ference (have you done a Foxy Friday on hiom? have you seen his tattoos? IN glasses OMFG!), Thorny, OK,. ALL my boys, tho I only sleep with Savvy 😉

    Hmmm Eastern Conference: Caps (never thought I’d say that…), Sabres (Cause I just CAN’T support the other team, Do you have to ask me about the B’s-Habs mash-up? and… GO PENS! Natch.

    I’m afraid I think it’ll be the Canucks (unless they’re tired out from their full-on season), but if the Pacific power grid goes down, I know to look at Dawn and Pants for responsibility, Sharks (obviously; Holy Joe Thornton!) and I’m gonna go all out there and say it might just be the Ducks (after their trades) and I’ll throw in a wildcard here and say I’m rooting for BizNasty2point0 and the rest of the Yotes!

  5. NYR Fan Reply

    Let’s start in the East…
    No.1 and No. 4 are No brainers…(Now as far as the Caps much as I like Mikey..and don’t want to see him cry…I don’t want to cry either!!)

    The West – well – I will be cheering for the HAWKS…

    I’d love to see a HAWKS / PENS Cup game – but I apparently have delusions as well…(at least I can admit the Rangers don’t deserve it…where WERE they all season?)

    BTW – Hockey games aren’t the same without ya Pants 🙂

    As for teh rest…well..I have to agree with most…and those I don’t…we’ll just wait and see 🙂

  6. Seriously Pissed Reply

    My predictions –

    I can only really discuss the East. Sorry. My dirty secret is that I’m a relatively new hockey fan. It’s taking a while to learn about everyone. But I know the east pretty well. So…

    1. Caps/Rangers – eek. You guys are going to hate me forever… but I wouldn’t be shocked by a Rangers upset. Lunqvist, man. He scares the shit out of me.

    2. Flyers/Sabres – I’d love to see the Sabres, but I’m betting on the Flyers. They’ve had a bit of a slump at the end of the season but they’ve been playing like a real team. I hardly recognize them. I don’t expect them to go all of the way, though, with their goalie situation.

    3. Gotta go with the Bs here. Montreal has “meltdown” written all over them. And the Bs have Tim Thomas. I put a lot of weight on goaltending, apparently.

    4. No question. Pens. Duh. I’m not just saying that because the Pens are my favorite team (obviously) and Kris Letang is the most beautiful man alive (also obvious). Sure Tampa has a lot of great scoring out there, but our defense will brick wall them right out of the playoffs. Expect Pens goals from unexpected places. I’m looking at you, Mike Rupp.

    • dawncherrie Reply

      We went against the Caps? WHAT?!?! OMG. Sad Panda face.

  7. dawncherrie Reply

    OK – first off, I was at the spa. So I was too late to respond on chat for the post. But my Caps nails look AWESOME!. GO CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS – thanks Pants – I finally used them!

    1. Caps OBVIOUSLY. But I won’t rule out a choke. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Heres to hoping georgeous Arnott and the rehabed Green can get it done since it doesn’t look like Wideman will be in. And of course Herr Sturm, Sasha Fierce, Brooksy, I-Carly and Capt. I-don’t-lie-to-wear-clothes! 😉

    2. Sabres – I will be burried alive like Ryan Reynolds if I cheer against Mr. Cherrie’s favorite team. And oviously Ryan Miller is AWESOME and we all know ho much I heart goalies and I hate Chris Pronger.

    3. Habs – Hate Chara after the Max hit and all the other hits. Sorry Chuck. He’s a repeat offender who never gets called.

    4.Pens – just this once ONLY because of Kris Letang and Kris Letang ONLY.

    5. Canucks – because the Blackhawks didn’t deserve the spot. They played like Britteny Spears ‘comeback’ – a zombie poll dancing hooker on xanax. Toews should be sending Minnesota flowers. Sorry Pants.

    6. LA Kings out of sheer loyalty and my love for DDTBG. But let the slaughter begin. Although my favoite fan quote as, “If they gave Drew a cheeseburger for every goal, LA’s season would be 82-0.”

    7. Detriot. no contest. Complete and utter bloodbath.

    8. Anaheim. Same as above. Caligula. Vini, vidi, vichi.
    But love me some Teemu Forty. Until he must be stopped.

  8. Jones Reply

    Capitals v. Rangers: Caps in 4. Still not convinced they’re going all the way, but I think this year they’ve finally figured some things out. And the Rangers are going to be missing their heart and soul in the form of Callahan.

    Flyers v. Sabres: I think this could be the big 1st round upset, especially if Pronger isn’t back in time. Buffalo.

    Bruins v. Canadiens: The Bruins are the favourites. We are really suffering from injuries this year, most notably our top D pairing but no less Max Pac. I think a lot of guys are also playing hurt already and Boston will definitely try to capitalize on that. I still have to believe Les Boys are capable of pulling it out though! If nothing else, there’s always the chance that the Bruins will choke like choking chokers again. Either way, I think I’ll be avoiding this blog for awhile starting Thursday evening. 😉

    Penguins v. Lightning: Guy Boucher is scary as hell but I think the Pens have the edge with the way they’ve picked up the slack in the absence of their superstars this season. Also I demand maximum screen time for James Neal and his ginger beard. I love the ginger beard.

    Canucks v. Blackhawks: Canucks, if they can win one of the first two and stay relatively healthy. I was pretty cool with Chicago winning it last year, but I want to punch PKane in his dopey little face and I don’t know how much more Chelsea Dagger I can stand.

    Sharks v. Kings: Jumbo Joe! He’s gotta show up in the playoffs one of these years, why not this one? Also, the Kings are overrated.

    Wings v. Coyotes: I’ve gotta go with the Red Wings, because “Yotes” is easily the most annoying team nickname in the NHL. Also, hurrah for old dudes. But I think Phoenix could really push them down to the wire in this one.

    Ducks v. Predators: Ducks. Corey Perry is too awesome. Grandpa Teemu is still feisty. Saku Koivu will always be captain to me. And I friggin’ loved those movies when I was a kid. Nah, actually I think this one could go either way, but as a neutral observer I think the Ducks are more fun.