Your Daily Dose Of Letang

Hello there gorgeous ... even with that shiner!

Since things are slowing down between the end of the season and the start of the play-offs, what better way to bide time than to post some off-ice photos of Kris Letang. How did he spend his St. Patrick’s Day? Let me tell you. Evidently the Pens have a special charity event called “Skates and Plates” where they have their players dress up in tuxes and wait on people who probably have to spend more money than god to receive this privilege.

Why, yes I'd like some more please. Do you come with that?

Monies raised go to a couple of charities including the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation. If I had the money I would absolutely pony up. But I don’t and probably never will so I can only lurk in the shadows and pretend I’m Fallon Carrington and wish Mr. Letang was pouring some Dom in my glass! The boy can rock a tux!

Oh and then there’s a still of the hot mop after his struggle to get dressed on the ice after he and Deryk ‘fought’ during practice. This is almost better than the video.

really, don't bother. we like you au natural.

And who knew he could also work a fork lift? Multi-tasking is good. He can take Ovi for a ride on their next date!

practicing for his next date with Ovi.


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  1. Holy hell, the man is pretty *drool*

  2. It the forklift photo, he’s wearing what I wear at the gym. I love the capris.

  3. alexisfrisinger Reply

    he shaves his legs. hmmm…

    • dawncherrie Reply

      I wondered that too but he probably has to taped there. So I’ll give him the benefit. 😉

  4. Please stop.
    My heart can’t take this.

  5. I’d bet they shave their legs. Guy ski racers do (and the girls, of course) because those boots do awful things to your shins. Horrible.