Mikey Monday – Animal Has Left His Ear.

There are conflicting reports on Mike Green. Some say he is skating, some say he can’t. We do know that Animal has left his ear. It took an offer from Hollywood, a music video and a tight filming schedule on location to get rid of Animal.  It left some real carnage in the wake with  some collateral damage, Ovi and Neuvy, which was the real reason why the Captain was mysteriously out with undisclosed injuries. Are you really going to go to the press with that? “Oh, Ovi went up in flames!” See video below.

Mikey is resting and there is no real time frame as to when his inner ear will be healed enough from the burn out but my source says, “He is relieved that the shouting and banging has stopped. He can deal with the pain of the burn and is ready to get on with his life. He is just a little gun-shy of furry objects now.”

In other related news, The Muppets won a Webby for this video and Animal is dating a model in LA and is rumoured to buy Jennifer Ainiston’s house in Malibu.

Get well Mikey. We are looking forward to you and Wideman in the play-offs!


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  1. Cassy Reply


    Having just been sick with a killer virus so I volunteer to snuggle under a blanket on the couch and watch Due South re-runs with Fidget. I’ll keep him safe from furry little monsters.

  2. If you keep punking my Mikey Monday, Dawn, I’m going to ride my Vespa over to your house and force you to watch Crosby highlights. 😉

    • Cassy Reply

      Maybe she was being nice? Isn’t it a long drive back from Pittsburgh!? Maybe she thought you’d be super tired but in need of some Mike?

      Her love for the D-man increases daily! Woo hoo! MUCH better than that chap sporting the ‘8’.

    • dawncherrie Reply

      Oh please NO! ;0 that would be worse than Animal in my ear! I waited untl well past Noon to post. 🙂