Another Great 8 Gets a 3-fer.

hat trick for hottie

Old men getting it done! Teemu Selanne pulls a hat trick out of his ass to put the Ducks past Colorado tonight. There must be something about that number. I secretly have a crush on the old man and it’s not because he wears #8 too like TBG and Ovi. OK, maybe because he does. No, not really. He just get’s it done like Lidstrom, the other old man in the NHL but he seems to get less attention. This is his 22nd hat trick, 124th multi-goal game and this makes him the 4th over-40 dude to get a hat trick. Whew. 40 – the new 20?


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  1. dawncherrie Reply

    I KNOW! 🙂 and he is so awesome! they kept saying get the puck to Corey Perry and I was like, screw him, get it to Teemu! HA! But I know Perry is the top scorer so that would make sense ut Teemu has been the spoiler for them.

    • Cya Reply

      I really thought the Avs were going to win the game when they were up 2-0 in the 1st. I thought my Hawks were going to have a little breathing room in the standings. But, no, Salanne looked like he did when I played NHL ’94 on my Sega Genesis. He was stud back then and he’s a stud now.

      • Hahahaha. Bonus points for Sega Genesis reference!