I'm feeling Staalsy today.

Can I get a moment of appreciation for Jordan Staal?  I think we need one.  He has really stepped up his game in the absence of 98% of the Penguins squad and well, he’s Gronk.

bitches love goals

Bad luck (lacerated foot, infection, broken hand) kept Jordan out until the Winter Classic.  He managed to steal plenty of air time on 24/7 and make losing the shootout challenge cool.  Because he’s Gronk.

There was the unfortunate incident with Jordan’s hair (as Chuck pointed out, it was very Meg Ryan).  Dawn cannot get past it – she calls him Trannysaurus Rex.  Even in text messages, and that’s a lot of letters.  But it was no more tragic than Jordan’s attempts at growing a beard.  And giving up electricity, wearing plaid, churning his own butter.  He is kind of dinosaur-ish, though his patronus is definitely a giant golden retriever.

This isn't where I parked my horse and buggy.

Now that the shag is gone, we wouldn’t mind seeing the return of the beard if it meant a long playoff run.  Come on April we’re ready for you.

What was that, Dawn? No, Kris is not here. No, you can't come over and wait.

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  1. Aww… I love me some gronk.

  2. Seriously Pissed Reply

    The Pens definitely have the most beautiful Staal.

    • alexisfrisinger Reply

      oh yes they do…

  3. Cassy Reply

    Indeed, Pissed, indeed. He is quite cute. Better with shorn locks tho.

    And the Amish beard – yep. We know. We KNOW!

  4. Deanna Reply

    I get so much shit for loving Jordo, because he is both a Penguin and a Staal brother (my guy friends HATE both) but I don’t care. His pretty blue eyes and insane jaw line are so hard to resist 😉

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