Project Mayhem

In baseball, players get to choose the song that plays when they come up to bat.  Sometimes they have a different song for each time through the rotation.  Since you can’t play a song very time someone jumps over the boards, we thought we could give them another anthem: fight songs.

My brain goes immediately to what MY fight song would be – every time I see Sean Avery I want to skate out there and punch him.

We’ll let Jordan Staal’s Meg Ryan-shag duke it out with Kris Letang for the rights to this one:

And one for Chuck when Shawn Thornton drops the gloves (13 this year):

Where are all my Pens fans?  They have 63 fights on the season – Engelland has 12 of those.  Is there a song about elf costumes for Mike Rupp?  Re-watch this gem and tell me you don’t hear “Girlfriend” by Avril Lavigne.

You know you have one.  A song that comes on and you immediately want to break something shaped like the Detroit Red Wings.  Or maybe you ended up in charge of the iPod while favorite fighter is sticking up for his guys again (Tyler Kennedy).  Let’s hear ’em.  Tomorrow we’ll do goal-scoring songs.

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  1. Seriously Pissed Reply

    Ooh, this is fun.

    Nine Inch Nails’ cover of Black Sabbath’s “Supernaut” makes me want to smash the fuck out of everything within reach, but not out of rage – it’s more like joyous destruction. Like I would be laughing while punching if this was my fight song.

    • Cassy Reply

      What about breaking that team from Philly? And I am not talking about the Phillies. There are a few songs I cam sort of hear (Marilyn Manson poss) that might fit. But I’ll need to find them when I get home. I am STILL in hospital.

      Speaking of songs, “I Predict a Riot” is played by Leicester police, in their riot vans, on Friday/Saturday nights to psych themselves up for, er, drunken riots.

      Now come to think of it, that’s a bloody good song for a couple of teams recently who’ve been a bit brawl-tastic….

  2. Shi Reply

    Letang gets Whip My Hair, and maybe Hair Song by Black Mountain. California Girls is more fitting for Staal.