Rick Nash – Are you trying to kill me?


He’s doing this on purpose.   Just to torture me.

Doesn’t he know what this does to me? *swoons*

The hair.

The beard.

Those shoulders.


P.S. Click here to watch post game interview of Rick being all adorable and lumberjacky.


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  1. *pokes Chuck on the floor with her toe*

    Chuck? Are you alive? *beckons to Intern Jeff Skinner* Jeff? Jeff I think she needs mouth to mouth and I think she’d prefer if it was you…

    • No offense to Intern Jeff Skinner (henceforth known as IJS), but I don’t think he’s going to cut it here.

      • Cassy Reply

        You might be right. Should I put a call in to Ristuccuia and see if one if the Bruins is available – Michael Ryder looks lumberjack-ish enough, but the Professor usually sports some sexy scruff and I’m willing to share!

        • Oh Bergy would be just perfect! Plus we don’t have to worry about him skipping work because he’s hungover after partying at the frats on West Campus.

          Bergy is too mature for that.

          • Cassy

            25 and mature. Le sigh! Have you seen that pic of me & him on FB? I lost the power of speech around him. Regained it in Belfast and finally thanked him for the photo. Six months later…

          • Bahahahaha. West Campus. He could call the escort service. Or just steal a cart from Star Market and ride home. Then when he got to Warren, someone would ring the RA on call.

            Oh wait, this was all Jay. Not Bergy.

  2. Barely.

    Why? Why does he do this to meeeeeee? I want to touch the beard. But I can’t. I’m left to pine for him from 750 miles away.

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  4. Amy Reply

    If it makes you feel any better, I’m having to watch the Blue Jackets game in standard definition instead of high def.

    Stupid Cavs game… it’s basketball and they suck. Why are they showing them…?

    • Amy – noooooooooooooo! Sports in standard def should be outlawed!

      But at least you still get to see Rick…


  5. Yum. Ughhh….even the tongue? So gorgeous.