More Goalies Gone Wild – Sort Of.

Timmy the Tank and Carry Price got into it tonight but it wasn’t exactly an epic throw down ala puncher-roo Brent Johnson and you couldn’t even call it a Mike Green-slapfest. It was more like a gigglefest between two teen-age girls who got carried away with some hair pulling. Because although all hell broke loose between Montreal and the Bruins with Timmy skating down to fight Price, it had to be hard for Price to take him seriously when he was already laughing by the time he got to the other end. What on earth do you call that? I mean really? God bless Timmy because he is certainly a ray of sunshine – who else laughs and throws punches all at the same time!?

BTW – the penalty box had more players in it than a can of oysters or the actual bench for that matter. Not a sight you see every day.

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  1. Cassy Reply

    Damn time difference! It’s old school hockey! Shall get on it right now! Bless TIMMMAAAYYYY! And Carey – oh they’re all fighting, what the heck.

    Maybe they wanted to play sin bin sardines?

    But PHWOAAAR Andrew Ference. Bad, dirty boy but *sigh* HAWT!

    I love a good fight…