Birthday Boy: Steven Stamkos

Way back in November, we posted that Stammer should call us when he no longer needs a fake ID.  Well that day has arrived.  Happy 21st birthday, Steven Stamkos! Okay, we’re a day late.  But I totally invited Steven Stamkos to Vegas for his birthday.  Maybe next year.  We’re really happy about Steve coming of age, since we’ve already asked Jeff Skinner to the prom.

Excited their arena is so close to that Yuengling brewery.

Stamkos had a goal and 3 assists on Sunday night vs. St. Louis, clearly making his last days as a youngster count.  Oh, and he leads the NHL 72 points and 40 goals. Crosby’s been out 14 games, so Stevie is running away with the goals title.  D Sedin is hot on his heels in the points category, but Steve’s not slowing down.

Next up: action figures.

The Lightning aren’t sure how to feel about Steve turning 21, so they unveiled their new childlike superhero-inspired uniforms.  Maybe they’re making a comic book movie starring  Stamkos the extremely blond hero and his sidekick, Squishy.  Either way, this new logo will definitely end up on Underoos and kids footie pajamas.

(Remember those tents attached to a single fitted sheet, so you could put them on your bed when you were little?  Okay, when WE were little.  Stamkos won’t remember those.  But they were awesome and we want them back.)

Baby Stammer!

I hope Stamkos wished for a scoring title as he blew out 21 candles yesterday.  Of course I’d like to see Crosby come back and battle him for it right to the end, but I love that these guys are keeping Tampa Bay on its path to a great hockey market.  They’ve got 71 points and look to take it a long way this season.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STAMMER!

And many more.

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