Introducing WUYS Intern: Jeff Skinner

Jeff Skinner turned the NHL All-Star Weekend into a Twilight convention by charming the heck out of everyone.  And since he’s 18 years old, like a college freshman, we’ve decided to hire him as our intern.  For school credit.  We’re no easy A either, no pass/fail.  We are demanding.

He was so happy to get our call.

Jeff will be doing useful tasks like going to the store for Mexicolas and restarting “Mystery, Alaska” in the office DVD player.  He’ll make sure Chuck’s stock of Pretzel M&Ms never runs low and let us borrow his jersey (which he wears to work) if it gets cold.

We don’t hire just anybody, and we interviewed a lot of people for this job.  But Jeff had the resume.  As the youngest All-Star ever in any sport, we have high expectations for him.  He’ll be doing guest posts, including what it’s like to chase a playoff spot and have piles of girls asking him to the prom.  He’s also going to sneak a permanent mic onto Cam Ward, so we can hear the commentary.

Jeff’s first assignment will be getting Comcast to switch Center Ice to my new apartment.  The operators always thought I was ordering “NFL” because they’d never heard of the NHL.  We’ll see how long it takes Jeff to start asking, “Do you know who I am?!”


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  1. There must be at least a case of Mexicolas in the WUYS offices at all times.

    Glass bottles, only.

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  3. mr. cherrie Reply

    the lovely folks at comcast did the same thing to us…. “oh, since its monday night, i thought that was why you called….”

  4. chelski Reply

    I am in serious like with Skinner these days, he’s a cutie for sure. That hair, those bangs. He belongs in Georgetown with kakhis and topsiders.

    BTW, does he NOT look like the dancing-through-the-hallway-singing kid (1:47) from the Belfast Giants Christmas video ( which might also be the same guy as singing-in-the-hairbrush star(0:44).

    I think this should be incorporated into Skinner’s intern duties.

    • Cassy Reply

      Chelski – he SO does, you’re so right.

      Will pop by the office later. I want to see the view as you make him pick up things you “accidentally” dropped on the floor. MANY times. With my camcorder. Obviously.