Mocked on National TV

Ok, was anyone watching the Chicago Blackhawks and the Philadelphia Fliers last Sunday? Because this is a priceless little nugget of gold. Not because it was a rematch between the Stanley Cup teams of last year but because Marty Turco mocked Pierre Mcguire on national TV – NBC to be exact. Mike Milbury plows over him between periods when NBC has hockey games and everyone else talks over him. He’s the kid no one liked but kept showing up to play and always thought he should be captain. Someone even refered to his Stanley Cup Ring as his ‘decoder ring’ which prompted me to ask Mr. Cherrie “He played hockey? He has a ring?” Mr. Cherrie shrugged and pulled up the internet and did some research. He won them as a ‘scout’ and assistant coach with the Pittsburgh Penguins. That’s like getting ‘most improved’ by proxy which explains why he wears them all the time.

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