Epic fail, eh.

Dear Canada,

What’s up with your World Junior Team?  Last year, you lose to the US in overtime of the Gold Medal game, when John Carlson goes all Snoop Dogg and drops it like it’s hot, totes faking out your goalie.  And then last night, you collapse like the Metrodome in a snow storm.  You give up 5 GOALS to Russia in the 3rd period (5 goals!).  That is 1 goal every 4 minutes.

What is up with that?  I thought that Canada was supposed to be the all-mighty hockey powerhouse of the world.  Canadian players pretty much dominate every NHL rosters and I’m pretty sure that all Canadian children are issued hockey skates upon birth.  Pick up the birth certificate and a shiny wee little pair of CCM Crazy Lights.

Granted these players are very young and are bound to make some mistakes but this collapse was just epic.  Kudos to the Russian players for sticking to it and not packing it in when they were down 3-0 at the beginning of the 3rd period.  This win will also give a HUGE boost to the popularity and prestige of the Russian Junior League, which started in 2009.


счастливый танец = happy dance

Could this loss be a sign that Canada’s hockey empire is beginning to crumble?  The sport is expanding and growing not only within the US, but also in countries all over Europe.


Very sad Canadian pandas.

Which countries do you think are the next to emerge on the world hockey stage?


Other random Tournament Notes:

Tournament organizers project the 11-day event will finish with an overall attendance figure of more than 330,000, which would make it the second-most attended junior tournament behind Ottawa, which drew 453,282 in 2009.

More than 60 percent of the tickets sold went to Canadian fans as Buffalo is a 90-minute drive from Toronto.

USA Hockey executive director Dave Ogrean anticipated the large Canadian turnout, and indicated future tournaments in the U.S. will be awarded to cities close to Canada. The U.S. is next set to host the World Juniors in 2018.

USA Hockey spokesman Dave Fischer said 2.8 million ounces of beer were sold before Wednesday.

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  1. dawncherrie Reply

    I received a tweet from the Caps saying Ovi was able to watch his country men win! Go RUSSIA! 😉

  2. Can you please use more phrases like this everyday? “John Carlson goes all Snoop Dogg and drops it like it’s hot, totes faking out your goalie.”

    • Chuck Reply

      haha! You got it!