Negative, Ghost Rider.

Once again, the internet is alive with rumors of Martin Brodeur on the trading block.  The Devils are like Desperate Housewives and their Wisteria Lane is a dead end.  Personally, I don’t give two Jersey-shaped cowpies if they trade Marty.  But here’s why it won’t be for Mike Green.

You talking to me?


Green is no cheap date. Mike makes $5 million/year and his salary cap hit is $5.25 million and .  Brodeur makes $5.2 million/year and his salary cap hit is $5 million.  The Devils actually had to dress fewer than 20 skaters on 10/11 vs. Pittsburgh because injuries meant calling anyone up would put them over $59.4 million in player personnel.  And at the end of this season, the injured (and adorable) Zach Parise becomes a restricted free agent.  Mike will be a RFA in 2012 (at 26 years old), the same year Brodeur’s contract expires (at 40).


The Devils are not the team they once were, but they still tend to be defense-heavy and play some pretty boring trap hockey.  You could go into a coma watching these guys.  What on Earth would they want with Mike Green?  Mike was snubbed by Team Canada in the 2010 Olympic selection for not being “defensive” enough (don’t get me started).  It’s the biggest criticism against Mike – he can’t “stay at home.”

1099 games and couting...


Dawn hates Varlamov and Neuvy still pays the kids’ fare to ride the bus.  But is goaltending the biggest issue the Caps have? Nuevirth’s save percentage is .906%  Brodeur’s is currenly .896%.  Yes, Bordeur has played 1099 NHL games and his career save percentage is .913%.  But the guy is 38 years old.  Is this number really going up? I think the Caps will bank on someone with potential, not someone near their 40th birthday.


The Devils rank 24th of 30 teams in attendance this season.  Whatever fans are there to see the home team know Brodeur. Sure they know Kovalchuk – as the source of all their problems and the guy with the worst +/- in the NHL.  Parise’s out… so who is left?  If they trade Brodeur, they risk alienating the people who are paying for seats in their shiny new-ish arena.

Don't mess with Mike. He'll totally slap-fight you.


Mike has been nominated for the Norris Tropy the last two seasons – and he lost to Chara in 2009 by 52 votes.  Is that a sign?  I would hate to see him go to such a dismal team when the Caps have been on the brink of greatness two season in a row.  If the Capitals have to win, I want Mike to be part of it.  And I control the universe.  It makes me want to buy one of these shirts:

Costume change!


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  1. Cassy Reply

    OMG – for, like, one tiny second I thought in that pic of Fidget about to bitch slap Kovalchuk that the shiny reflection from his hair was a pair of shades.

    I’ve had to look again EVERY time I look at this pic.

    PS Pants – you recovered yet *sniggers*

  2. dawncherrie Reply

    Oh it would PISS ME OFF TOO! They can’t trade Obi-Wan Kenobi. He’s their only hope. That piece o’crap they got from the Avs is no good. Look at Fleischman now … Holy Smokes – how he’s en feugo now. Wha’ happen?