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A hundred years ago I started a “Who to Follow” on Twitter post for NHL players, media and personalities.  I’m getting to it shortly, I promise.

Makes me miss the Whalers.

As the Coyotes play in Pittsburgh tonight, they posted this item about who loves former Penguin (and Foxy Friday) @BizNasty2point0‘s Twitter feed.  The answer: everyone.

Not very many NHL superstars have Twitter accounts, and Bissonnette doesn’t see how they could, since it’s easier for guys like him to fly under the radar on social networks.

“I’m a nobody as far as a hockey standpoint goes,” he said. “If a guy like Sid said some of the stuff I said, it would be all over SportsCenter.”

That’s alright, though, because Crosby has no intentions of ever tweeting.

“It’s not something I’m interested in doing,” Crosby said. “The guys who do it, it’s pretty fun to hear some of the posts and follow it, but it’s just something I don’t do.”

But don’t worry, the Penguins who do tweet make sure to fill Crosby in on the hilarity of Bissonnette’s Twitter.

“If there’s a funny one or an interesting one, it always gets around the room pretty quickly,” Crosby said. [Whole Penguins.nhl.com story here.]

Wishing for ice time.

The morals of this story:

1) Sid does not intend to start being fun anytime soon.

2) If you can be awesome in 140 characters and get Biz to RT it, Sid might just find out how fun you are.

There’s also a little more info [here] on the Pens hotel prank pulled in 24/7 Episode 1, where Ben Lovejoy and Mark Letestu come back from dinner to find their entire hotel room moved into the hallway.  PLEASE. That was funny when @MattyDTX and I were 17 and pulled it on my freshman year roommate in BU’s Warren Towers.  Is this really the best you can do boys? What’s this about uncensored HBO access?  I expect more from you next time.

PS: Raise your hand if you can’t handle Staal brothers pillow fight.  Use said hand to fan me, I have fainted. (It’s in the commercial above – sorry, I should have specified.! I knew you’d get all wobbly at the idea.)

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  1. Ashley Reply

    What the hell? Staal brothers pillow fight? Where’s that?!

    • Watch the NHL Road Trip commercial, it’s in there. Definite candidate for best thing ever.

      • Cassy Reply

        THAT ad is one of the best ever. Even better than the Playoffs ones which make me wibble.

        I like Luongo and the feather duster. Closely followed by Sid’s non-wooden “Ovechkin” bit at the end :D.

        You so know that was like all the pranks they ever played on rookies rolled into one. LOL.

        I wonder who won that pillow fight? I know a girl who woulda loved to have been in the middle there…

        PS It’s up baby! Pants you know what I mean!!!