Foxy Friday: BizNasty

I’ve been giving out faux Foxy Fridays all week, but it’s time for the real deal.  Today’s Foxy Friday is none other than Paul Bissonnette himself.  If you follow Biz on Twitter (@biznasty2point0) then you don’t need us, you’re already in love with him.

Hot in herrrrrrrrrrrrrrre

Biz is a character (to say the least), but he is our favorite hockey personality.  He actually has a personality, which is saying something in the NHL these days.  Off color sometimes and with questionable spelling, it makes him all the more entertaining.  Biz may not play every night, but he’s having more fun than anyone else.

We want to go to there.

There are a lot of Speedos and tattoos in BizNasty’s world, but we guarantee your mom will love him anyway. For Christmas, he’ll bring her a BizNasty t-shirt and Taco Bell (watch his commercial shoot).  Plus he plays Mahjonng, never runs out of toilet paper and has $750 bed sheets.  And he recently spilled his sensitive side to the Vancouver Sun (thanks Kimmy).

Biz for NHL Director of Awesome

Will the BizNasty Write-In Campaign for the 2011 All-Star Game succeed? We bet the captains would fight over him in the draft  – everyone wants to most popular guy in school on their team.  If he doesn’t make the team he should be invited to cover the event live via Twitter, uncensored.  In my dreams.

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