It's Foxy 'Doughty' Friday!

Nice Stick

What’s that you say? Who’s Drew Doughty? Well let me introduce you to him because I had to introduce myself to this tasty LA King treat. He caught my eye when Kopitar caught Malhotra’s stick in the face (see earlier post).

Adorable Drew

Well, I have to be honest. I was watching it because they were wearing throw-back purple jersey’s and purple is my favorite color. Yes, sad but true but that was the only reason I was rooting for them. But then destiny intruded and a bright shiny soft purple light shone down on #8. There he was, his black beautiful hockey hair flowing in the light wind, skating in slow-mo, our eyes briefly met in the screen, and I was lost for good! BOOM! As Ovi would shout!

intense concentration - we like!

When I commented that I must investigate Mr. Doughty closer, Mr. Cherrie’s eyes rolled and said that it was his number, #8, that I was attracted to. Which could have been, could have been. But let us see … Shall we?

competition for Mike Green in the hair department!

He was selected #2 overall in the NHL draft in 2008, not bad. He was on the Canadian Olympic Team and won a Gold Medal in 2010. Check. He’s Canadian which would make him my first Foxy Friday Canadian nomination … hum. Well, OK. He was named to the All-Rookie Team in 2008 as an 18 year-old. Cool. He was a finalist for the Norris trophy in 2010 – I smell competition for Fidget AKA Mike Green! So he kicks butt which we all know, I likey very much! He has been out with a concussion which makes me sad. But watching his highlight reel below he has an adorable little butt dance when he makes a goal!

I think he’s an adorable, fresh-faced and unusual pick for FOXY FRIDAY … and no, Pants, there are no shirtless photos of  him. I looked. I guess only you and Chuck pick guys that pose for those! HA!

suited for work

So keep an eye on this one. I think you will hear alot about Mr. Drew Doughty in the years to come. At least I hope so.

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  1. Chuck Reply

    No shirtless photos….boooooooooo

    Just for the record by Patrice Bergeron Foxy Friday Post did not include any photos of a shirtless Bergy.

    You think that Drew and Mike call each other to talk about the best product for makes ones hair look like a porcupine??

  2. Negative – Mike’s hair is a 10+ and Doughty’s is like a 7. He aspires to be like Mike, probably wears cardigans and moccasins too in his quest. But there is only one Fidget.

    Drew is uber-cute though and if you drive around LA, you can see him as part of the worst advertising campaign in history. The Kings have billboards all over that just have a HUGE face (in helmet and everything) and a huge last name. That’s it. Billboard-sized close-up is approved from Doughty but the Kopitar one almost made me drive off the road on purpose.

    • dawhcherrie Reply

      Kopitar should NEVER be photographed. Not a pretty sight and he can NEVER be featured on FOXY FRIDAY. Please ….No offense to him. He is a scoring machine but he has probably the worst natural hair I have ever seen in my life.

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