Totally priceless …

Ovi has a new commercial for CCM skates and I LOVE IT! Although he can’t act and is laughing through out when he is supposed to be a total A**, he is just too adorable and shows he can make fun of himself and the image MAX TALBOT likes to refer to!

Gee Dad, when's curfew? Can I have a girl over?

And in other news just for Pants, Sidney Crosby may just be ready to FINALLY move out of Mario Lemieux’s home after living there for, oh, 6 years! Seriously, he has lived with Mario since he signed with the Pens. But he says that although his house is almost ready, he is not going to make any rash decisions about moving out too fast. Hummm …. 23 years old and basically still living at home. Sounds like a prize! It’s not like he moved to America and doesn’t know the language or anything … Like Ovi … Or is Canadian speak that much different or harder than Russian?

You decide – heh? 😉

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  1. Chuck79 Reply

    OMG. Love it.

  2. HOW DID I MISS THIS!?!?! Quit ragging on Sid. You know the Lemieux palace takes up like 3 blocks and Sid probably doesn’t even see them every day. Except that he wants to, because wouldn’t you?!

    • dawncherrie Reply

      I don’t know … I kept waiting for a response. And nothing. I was going to add in a fully functional babe lair but it’s Sidney. I’m not sure he’d know what to do with it. I think it’s going to look more like Pee wee’s play house with Chairy! And I’m sure he’d take the dryer with him when he goes. He’d score more with that than any thing else. Oh snap. OK – I’m done ragging on him – I promise. No more. It’s too easy any way. 😉