Because Freezing the Water Just Doesn't Make Sense

That is the subject line of an email I received this morning.  Intrigued, I clicked on the link.  This is what I found.

Metro West Underwater Hockey
Underwater hockey is a very fast-moving game that provides great exercise and quickly builds swimming capability. It is played on the bottom of a swimming pool and players wear fins, mask, snorkel, and a protective glove and headgear. The stick is short, approximately 1 foot long, the puck is heavy, around 3 lb., and the goal is 3 meters (9′) long. The rules are “non-contact” and players generally cover “zones” around the puck. Success (scoring) ultimately depends on teamwork. Since the sport is played in the water, individual strength is less of an advantage than it is in many other sports. This makes the sport open and fun to anyone from complete rookies to long-time players who interested in a great workout.

Obstruction Swimming. 2 Minutes.You feel shame.

Look, I’m all for fun, seemingly useless sports that you can play whilst buzzing off a bottle of Boone’s or a few vodka cranberries.  [Pretty sure Pants is too.  We did play broomball after all. We’ll save the deets about our 2-dozen donut fine for a later post.]

I LOVE to swim and I love hockey, but this is just stupid.  The only water sports I want to be involved in are these..

Scottie Upshall

Kris Letang

Hottie Henrik

Flippers + Smirnoff = Fun

Marty B.

So Fresh. So Clean.

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  1. This is the best post ever. Whoever talked Jason Arnott into the shower should do a LOT more photo shoots.

    • Chuck Reply

      That photog is a genius. I bet it was a woman.

      Based on the photo above, I kind of want to hang out with Josh Gorges. He looks like a fun guy with the camping and the flippers and the bottle of Smirnoff.