Guilty secret …

Long before Ovie was a glint in his father’s eyes, I was a hockey snob and actually except for Ovie, I still am. I LOVE GOALIES. I like my hockey, like I like my movies – hard, fast and violent! And I want to give a shout out to the two men who’d I’d most like as a Hockey Hero NHL Sandwich – one who just had his jersey retired and one, who will most likely have his retired soon – but were both ardent competitors against each other and I have to say, it’s what is lacking in the NHL today – Patrick Roy and Martin Brodeur.

WHERE HAVE ALL THE GOOD GOALIES GONE? Patrick made the game exciting because he wasn’t afraid to mix it up! Martin is a wall and a gentleman but you don’t mess with him.


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  1. Oh yeah, Brodeur is a gentleman. The kind who cheats on his wife (and 4 kids!) with her sister-in-law, breaks up both marriages and eventually marries said sister-in-law. Bet the fist wife’s family loves him.