NHL Man Madness: Round 2 – Vote On

Well that was a lot of nothing. Sorry, Professor Perfect Bergeron fans, but Carey Price dismantled him in the run-off category.

Nnnnnot that close.

Nnnnnot that close.


So we proceed as before – NHL Man Madness 2016 Quarterfinal: VOTE HERE

Bracket QF

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To aid in these decisions, here’s a helpful visual guide.

Carey Price v Steven Stamkos


The Goalie and the Natural


I’ve never paid much any attention to Carey Price, but y’all love him. And I use “y’all” to demonstrate the one thing I know about Carey Price – he’s a cowboy. He can do horse-related things and also survival, which according to many Twitter comments would make his useful in case of zombie apocalypse. (No one suggested he compete on “Naked and Afraid” which frankly calls into question this whole bracket challenge.)

Judo chop!

Judo chop!


I submit to you that as living off the land and shooting-while-running are exceptional skills, Stamkos is not without off-ice talents of his own.


You decide what’s more likely. The Walking Dead Reality Show or a young adult fiction series-turned-Hollywood blockbuster series starring a 60-goal scorer.

Sidney Crosby v Aaron Ekblad


Hate to see you leave but love to see you walk away.


Hahahaha, kidding. I’m kidding! That is so unfair.

ekblad crosby

The Kid and the actual kid


Tyler Seguin v Zach Parise

The Bad Boy and the Good Guy

The Bad Boy and the Good Guy


That’s really fair, though, right? Finding a photo of Seguin with a shirt (and pants) on is not that easy. But don’t rule Zach out – he did take down Toews, after all.

Smile. People will wonder what you're up to.

Smile. People will wonder what you’re up to.


I’m just not sure anyone can stand up to Tyler.

He just couldn't reach a towel. In a room full of towels.

He just couldn’t reach a towel. In a room full of towels.


Gabriel Landeskog v Jamie Benn

This bracket is the toughest for me by a mile. They’re both so… it’s impossible. Gabe refuses to wear a shirt, even while making you breakfast. Jamie can’t not be a dork. Not even for a second. Not even with his shirt off! It’s Kryptonite.

The Surprise and the Sure Thing

The Surprise and the Sure Thing


To assist myself, we enter this evidence before the court:

Swedish Chef

The Swedish Chef


The "I Can't Be Sure it's an Innuendo because it's Jamie Benn"

The “I Can’t Be Sure it’s an Innuendo because it’s Jamie Benn”


Guess I’ll have to spend all day looking Google Image searching them to aid in my decision making (aka just continue what I’ve been doing all morning).

VOTE HERE: NHL Man Madness 2016 – Quarterfinal

Go on, take your time. Research these decisions. Quarterfinal voting will end Wednesday, March 30 at Noon Eastern.

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  1. Fatema Reply

    OMG it was so hard specially picking between Gabe the Babe and Jameson Randolph Benn. It was tearing me up but I picked Jamie Benn.

  2. Natalie Gerdano Reply

    am sorry but Wilson should have had that easy!

  3. Kate Reply

    Carey Price! I really do love him, and you can blame this moment: https://youtu.be/6Vowz2fG4_A (Low-quality video, high-quality feels!) Also, his face has this very nice, sleepy, soft quality, which is weird to say, but I think it just makes him look like such a nice person.

    Are we thinking that eventually Jamie and Tyler will have to compete against one another? (Jamie! Jamie forever and ever.)