It’s only Tuesday

To commemorate the week so far (and so I don’t have to go scrolling through Twitter in two years when I want to reference this), a post about two really important things.

Jonathan Toews joined Twitter.

If you use "eh" in a sentence, you are exempt from needing punctuation.

If you use “eh” in a sentence, you are exempt from all grammar rules.


I spent my drive to work trying to come up with a joke about how now, we all have to pronounce the “w” in Twitter as a “v”, like in Toews. I didn’t quite get there.


Most Canadian cover photo ever.


So far, Jon has made fun of Andrew Shaw (check), apologized for a loss (check) and – I swear you can’t make this up – used “jk.” He is basically us at age 14, only Andrew Shaw was (probably) not born yet.


The only capital letter Toews cares about is the C on his sweater.


Remember when Jonathan Toews was no fun? Like, at all? He even went as Grumpy for Halloween… which was ironic, because referencing his grumpiness was one of the first steps toward casting it off. If it were 2012, we would hardly recognize this guy.


Part-time model profile pic


In related news, everyone loves Jonathan Toews. More than ever. [Second City HockeySun Times, Bar Down]

And remember, we are communication professionals. Will work for hockey.


Pro tip.


The other important thing for future reference (and Chromecasting onto a big screen):

The Penguins played horseshoes. #shirtsoptional

Maybe I shouldn’t be looking at my phone while walking. But honestly, Pittsburgh, warn a girl! I may have veered wildly across a sidewalk during DC rush hour upon seeing this grace my screen. The video loaded. Wifi buffered. Particle beams shot through space and a satellite fell from the sky but still I COULD NOT WATCH IT.

So I went into the nearby hotel lobby and calmly stole the password from their reception desk.

pens 3

Julia informs me this is Brian Dumolin. My eyes were seared by Sid’s paleness.


I have a new appreciation for horseshoes. Previously a game I’ve only seen played by small cousins and large rednecks, it suddenly seems a pursuit worth dedicating my life to. On this beach, with the lovely crystal waves crashing.

pens 2

And maybe even one day, a tan.


If this whole hockey thing doesn’t work out for the Pens, they could always open an off-season Club Med.

pens 4

Flowers love the sun.


Pittsburgh, currently holding the last Wild Card spot in the East, plays at Boston tomorrow night on NBCSN. The Hawks, who are first in the West, host Nashville on Thursday night on the same network. Two nights of Roenick and Milbury… might almost be worth it for all this.

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  1. Julia Reply

    That is Brian Dumolin! I met him this summer at the Comm Ave Charity Classic, he’s lovely.

    • Pants Reply

      Thank you, Julia! It wasn’t easy to see much after Crosby’s abs – er, on my phone. I meant phone.

  2. christine Reply

    Yikes! Sid, Flower AND adorable Doumalin?? Warn a girl INDEED.

  3. Fatema Reply

    As soon as I saw that Jonathan Toews created a twitter account, I was laughing for 10 minutes straight. My mom thought something was seriously wrong with me. I mean I saw his 1st tweet, it was so unbelievably him. Perfect amount of dork, adorable and Jonathan Toews. Love the Toews-Shaw banter. SId’s butt looks amazing in that picture. Nice one! I need to catch up on In the Room. Looking at Sid, Dumoulin and Flower all tanned *Cue TSwizzle’s WIldest Dreams*