Bring It On (Again)

Round 2 is upon us like prom season, and everyone finally has their dates.  How are you feeling?  Like the prettiest girl in the room?  Anyone afraid someone else might wear the same dress?  I’m nervous and we definitely need a chaperone.

We bid Round 1 farewell with this announcement: I am no longer 100% right. Thanks for nothing, Avs and Sharks!


Current predictions score: Pants – 6 of 8, Chuck – 4 of 8

Rangers do one thing for me, beat Flyers in series: 4-3

When the Flyers are knocked out of the playoffs, regardless of year, other teams or life in general, I have a moment of bliss.


Bubbz always.

The Rangers came out strong in GM7, then got back on their heels while the Flyers surged late.  Sound like any other hockey teams I know?!  King Henrik was the difference maker yet again.  New York will get one day of rest and of my gratitude, then it’s back to work and hating them Friday night in Pittsburgh.


Admiring his own face on the Jumbotron.

In other breaking news: Rick Nash has no playoff goals. This is apparently the only Rangers storyline available so tell your friends. It will be broadcast continually on sister station Radio Crosby.

For the record, I do hate the Rangers more than the Flyers.


God, that is a thin line.

But I’d rather the Pens play the Rangers in R2. The Flyers bring out the Pens’ most infuriating problem – composure – while playing Pittsburgh seems to ignite Philly’s tenacity.  The Rangers are no easier opponent but at least it will (hopefully) be the Penguins playing, not Hurricane Neal and the Tantrums. Watch me hate this decision later.


Tomorrow, tomorrow.

There’s only one reason for us to miss the Flyers in May.  Give it a moment, then move on.


Maybe he’ll grow a summer beard.

Wild take it to OT, take series from Avs: 4-3

Game 7 overtime?  Someone hold my hair back.  The Wild got there with a goal at the 17:33 mark of the third, and it only took 5 minutes of OT to put the Avs away.   Nino Niederreiter, who sounds like an imaginary friend at a tea party, had two goals including the OT winner.  Listen to the clang off the backbar.


Yowza.  This is the first time the Wild have gotten past R1 in 10 years.  The Wild have this headline and I confess I laughed (just once):


I hear a rimshot.

We’ll miss the Avs kids who were having a blast out there, but MacKinnon, Gabe and the boys have many years of playoff hockey ahead of them.  Gabe’s beard though… bummer.


Sad first, then shower and selfie.

Kings win 4 in a row, collapse Sharks series: 4-3

Sharks gonna shark.  There are so many bad jokes – Sharks get bitten! – but the worst of all is San Jose’s record of playoff choking.  That said, we should have all picked the Kings because they know how to win 4 in a row (and then some) in pursuit of post-season glory.  Plus their bandwagon fans are famous and sparkly, and the NHL could use a few entertainment column inches.


So long and thanks for all the fish.

You should hug Sharks fans today – that was eviscerating. Sweep? Sucks. Reverse sweep?


Come back with carbs.

Round 2 starts tonight, with the Bruins and Canadiens (and Chuck) asking everyone else what took so long.  Typical dates, we’re never ready when they come to pick us up!  This series is going to be like the holidays with family – everyone knows each other, hates each other and every old crime comes out in a stress-spolsion.

Save us a good seat, okay?

Elevator to Chuck's party.

Elevator to Chuck’s party.

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  1. “Nino Niederreiter, who sounds like an imaginary friend at a tea party, had two goals including the OT winner.”


    Pants, we may be mortal enemies for Round 2, but that was priceless. I can totally see Nino, Coyle, Parise, Harding & Bryz (who would be wearing a tiara, of course) sitting in tiny chairs around a table having cookies and fake tea.

  2. jana Reply

    Pants, I’m going to be giggling all day at that panda photo: Come back with carbs.

    I’m still giggling.

    Being on east coast time, I don’t see a lot of western conference games, so I definitely didn’t see the end of any games 7s last night. I can’t get over how loud that Wild OT goal was. I rewatched that Wild clip multiple times just to hear it again and again. “CLANK!!” As a hockey fan, that is such a great sound.

    So Round 2: Let’s go Hawks!

  3. “Someone hold my hair back,” indeed. B’s vs. Habs is gonna be sick-making every step of the way (until the B’s win).

  4. I, too, giggled at the Nino line AND the headline! Classic stuff, Pants! 😀

    I tweeted a sad about Gabe the Babe’s beard going bye bye last night & taqged you – did you see it? This year’s edition was more than a little Ginger-ish, no? Regardless, it sure was pretty & made him look older (in other words, I didn’t feel like such a playpen-robber for calling him, “Gabe the Babe”! Hah!!).

    Agreed with both Jana & wish: Giggling at the sad panda & carbs comment, too! I can TOTALLY picture Bryz’ tiara & Coyle pouring with his pinky in the air!! Hahahahahaha

  5. Kate Reply

    Hitchhiker’s Reference!!

    Last night, I imagined Giroux’s disappointment and did a little “Suck it Giroux!” celebration dance. (It was very reminiscent of Meg Ryan’s little air-punch-y dance in You’ve Got Mail.”)

    Bring on the high blood pressure and stress eating!

    • Pants Reply


      • Kate Reply

        Like you weren’t my favorite blog ever already! Stahp. 🙂

  6. I’m going to miss Gingeroux 🙁

    But I’m not going to miss the disgusting mess that MacKinnon’s hair has become. Oh, my bb!moose, what have you done?????