Good Sports

We know it’s not possible to be great at everything, and there are certainly times when you don’t want to show off.  Like Crosby rolling a gutter ball at the annual Pens & Pins charity event – that’s socially appropriate struggling.  He’s being a good sport.

Aw shucks.

Aw shucks.

Then watch James Neal have a go at the end of this video.  Haha, that’s not fake.


Maybe we could get Nisky to give him a lesson.  (Why does it seem appropriate that a guy from Minnesota would know how to bowl?  Is it an American thing?)


At least Nealmobile remembered the jerseys were yellow and not compatible with, say, a blue button-down.


More photos here.

The Pens also held their children’s practice event… so much cute.  Here’s the video, and if you don’t love Sidney Crosby for the look he gives the kid at 0:40 then I surrender.  [More video: CBS Pittsburgh]



Capitals @ Penguins tonight at 8PM on NBC Sports Network:  It’s my favorite and least favorite match-up at the same time!

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  1. Megan Reply

    Heard on twitter that Sid was only allowed to bowl left-handed. The video seems to confirm that. Anyone know why?

    • Pants Reply

      Because he probably bowls a 250 right-handed? Just guessing. 😉