Didn’t We Almost Have it Staal?

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.


Jared Staal will make his NHL debut tonight with the Hurricanes.  That means Eric, Jordan and Jared will all be on the ice!  Marc, who’s still recovering from an eye injury and the subsequent “I told you so!” of Mama Staal, made the trip with the Rangers.  Trust he’ll be looking all ginger in the press box.

staals2Your LL Bean Boyfriend just ran for the hills.

Jared has been playing for the AHL’s Charlotte Checkers.  he only has 3 G/3A in 37 games this season, but who cares?  The Canes aren’t making the playoffs and this is a much better story.  Put me in coach, I’m ready to play!


I have a sneaking suspicion he may be my Favorite Staal of All, based solely on these two graphics:



The real question: What is Jared going to wear on his jersey?  We already have a J. Staal.  Will he wear Ja. Staal?  J. Staal 2.0?  Jared wears #22 in Charlotte, but Zac Dalpe wears it in Raleigh.

Both 10 and 13 are open though – then he could line up numerically with his brothers and we’ll do a segment for Sesame Street, brought to you by sod.

Correction: 10 is retired by the Canes, as pointed out by @ericmac20.  As soon as he said it, I thought, “Ron Francis!” My mistake.  That I would forget a former Penguin from back-to-back Cup winning teams, who scored a Cup-clinching goal – sheesh.  It’s like 50 First Dates in here.  (Also, Jared will wear #34.  Thanks for nothing, kid.)

Staal BrothersHow Canada sells t-shirts.

I’m telling you, when aliens come to Earth and immediately try to contact the dominant species, they’re going right for the Staals.


Jared will need a nickname to join JStaal (Favorite Staal), EStaal (2nd Favorite Staal) and Ginger Stall (or Cinnamon Staal).  Who’s got suggestions?


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  1. J-Red or JJ (his middle name is John) for nickname?

  2. Anne B Reply

    “brought to you by sod” made me howl with laughter!

  3. Tumblr has him dubbed Baby Staal, so it is law.

    • Pants Reply

      I picture him as part of a Page program, almost as an intern, like Kenneth on 30 Rock.

      • Anne B Reply

        I think of him as The Cute One.

    • Heather Reply

      I was calling him Baby Staal & I don’t even use Tumblr! 🙂

  4. Suddenly a Rangers/Hurricanes game has become tonight’s must-see game, over the Penguins/Devils. We’d better not be deprived of the press box shots like the last Pens game when Neal and Crosby were in the building. Life fail, Root Sports. With all the Staaaaaaals in the building there’s bound to be a vortex moment or something and I want it captured on tape.

  5. Scarlett Reply

    Boy bands are making a comeback. Cappy, Jordy, Ginger, and Tito

    • Esbee Reply

      You are the only one that got this right. {insert secret handshake}

  6. hotstovebb Reply

    That last picture makes me think Puck Daddy has a new Ninja Turtle challenge.

    • Leonardo = Eric
      Donatello = Marc
      Michelangelo = Jared
      Raphael = Jordan

  7. Erica Reply

    According to the game notes for tonight, Jared’s wearing 34. 10 or 13 would have been so much better.

  8. Staal Maath: 4 Staals > Staal + Staal + Staal + Staal.

    • Jess, can I sit next to you in math class?

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    • See, even Parker thought Baby Staal should have been 13!

      • Anne B Reply

        And he is!

    • Heather Reply

      I. can’t. even!!! All the feels this picture brings is too much!!!! DEAD

  10. Melissa Reply

    #wheresposh- obviously Semin. Prima Donna hot shot with attitude problems and thinks he’s above the game?

    (full disclosure: I don’t actually think that about him, but that is the prevailing stereotype…)

    • Posh was always my favourite Spice Girl.

  11. Heather Reply

    My love for everyone Staal is just about more than I can handle!! The feels I got from all these pictures is so insane that I can’t even IMAGINE the epic freak-out had I been in Raleigh last night. And then, there’s that picture of Parker….GAH!!!! That much talent & blessed genetics in one family shall be ILLEGAL henceforth. Thus spaketh WUYS.

    My vote for nicknames: Sexiest Staal (Jordan), Cappy Staal (Eric), Ginger Staal (Marc), & Baby Staal (Jared). Parker is Junior Staal. 🙂