Oh hell.

“Suite & Tie” has not grown on me the way “SexyBack” did, where I decided it was the best song since “Bye Bye Bye” and played it ten thousand times.

That’s about to change.


While I’m bringing back 2006 dance jams, can I resurrect SWAG for a second? (Then kill it again immediately?)


What I really need is a .gif of Bryz (:50 mark) suiting up like it’s Awkward Family Christmas Photo time.


Or maybe Danny putting on his socks (one foot at a time!) all lonely-like next to this chair.


OhmygodIcan’t.  Cry/laugh/gasp, so undignified at work.


Bless Pam (@sunnyinnj), who is both my Flyers enabler and sponsor.  And bless Always Sunny Ariana for this compilation.  It would take me a month to make, with regular visits to my cardiologist and liquor store. 



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  1. michelle Reply

    OMG that was great! Who put a bowl over Bryz’ head for that haircut???

  2. Amy Reply

    That made my day more than you know. :9


  4. This rules. And that pic of Pruster from the Winter Classics is one of my all-time faves.

    I definitely need to have that YouTube channel on repeat.

  5. jana Reply

    Thank you, Pants, you’ve made me a fan of Suit & Tie. It hadn’t grown on me until that video. Every time I hear that song, I will now think of this.

    And that’s just plain awesome.

    (Scrolling up to watch again … and again …)

  6. Heather Reply

    Not much of a JT fan & didn’t really care for the song…until THIS!


  7. Beth Reply

    Oh that was glorious. Now if someone could just found the NHL Suit and Tie Network…..

    • Beth Reply

      *create not found. The boys had me so distracted my grammar skills failed.

  8. Kristi Reply

    I’ll admit that the very first time I heard this song, I immediately imagined half the Penguins (plus Max) getting dressed. So glad I’m not the only one.

  9. Can you hear my deep breathing/panting/moaning all the way from Canada?? UNFFFFFFFF hockey player hotness and JT = favourite thing ALWAYS.

  10. This is godly, holy work indeed.

    • Or you know, unholy work, if you’re going by my thoughts circa the slow-mo shot of Stamkos’ flow. Whatever.

  11. Pants Reply

    If I knew how to do science, I would make a sequel to this. Just because there are zero Capitals featured and an egregious lack of James Neal. Also none of these suits are plaid. It’s amazing what can be accomplished even without those three key ingredients.

    • jana Reply

      And Sharp, Toews, Gudbranson (yes, I’m on that train) and … there’s too many. But yes, a sequel–or three–is most definitely needed.

  12. Alex Reply

    This video just made my ovaries explode.


  13. Close up of Lundqvist’s face in all its beauty has me feeling very verklempt.

  14. This was just…amazing. Better than amazing, yet words fail me.