Decision 2012

We’ve already considered how John Hughes movies explain the world (The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off).  He wrote and/or directed the on-screen version of any teen-angst, awkward-crush, hysterically nervous feeling you can have.  Need more proof?   From the CCM Pro Summit Camp video in Vail, it’s Pretty in Pink: The Battle for Colorado.

Starring Matt Duchene as Duckie.

Gabriel Landeskog as Blane.

And standing in for Colorado, Molly Ringwald as Andie.

The classic story begins with Andie crushing on Blaine, while she hardly notices Duckie.  Can you blame her?

Every shot is like a love note to his glorious hair.

She’s practically following him around, fangirling.

It’s not really fair to Duckie at all.  Andie can’t see he is perfect in his own way and he’s trying so hard to be cool.

Finally, Blane asks Andie out.   Duckie responds by being really mean and showing off awkwardly. (And refusing to wear grey.)

But Blane seems really into Andie, both surprising and hypnotizing us all.

Meanwhile Duckie is trying everything to get a little attention.  Hey wardrobe department, what size is that shirt?

Andie’s only reservation is that she feels she can’t live up to Blane’s perfect life full of rich, beautiful people.  His hair continues to steal the show, even as the dream of prom crumbles around them.

Andie and Blane have a terrible fight.  Andie decides to leave him behind and go to prom alone.  They didn’t break her.

She almost chickens out at the door, but then sees Duckie is there too.  He’s all dressed up, making a last-ditch effort to win her heart.

Andie and Duckie walk into the prom holding hands.  The happy ending is clearly meant to be… until Blane turns up too!  Andie is torn.  The epic battle reaches it’s dramatic last scene.

So, who would you choose?  If you’ve never see Pretty in Pink – stop reading this blog and educate yourself immediately!  If you have, then you might know that the movie originally ended the other way.

Say what?

Some say test audiences demanded a re-write. Rumors abound that Molly Ringwald herself insisted on the ending that made the final cut.  Either way, we think Colorado comes out a winner.

Now here’s the real video: Reebok CCM Pro Summit.  Enjoy.

Click an image for hi-res files, if you feel like seriously downgrading any guy you might see in real life.  This post is brought to you by boring lockout Sundays.

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  1. Does this make Sid Annie Potts?

    • Pants Reply

      Yes. He would definitely be the protective mentor that lends RNH a prom dress to destroy.

        I can’t get over it. Obviously.

  2. I’d let Sid box me out any day…

    DAMMIT they’re all so attractive. I kind of like this more than hockey…

    Wait, did I just say that?

  3. 9:39 am: Jesus H. I am just watching this video (life fail, four days late) and the music alone made me gasp out loud. Will report back after I’m finished watching…

    9:41 am: *THUNK* that was the sound of my dead body hitting the floor.

  4. Gabe is such a jerk for looking like that and still being a teenager.

    • Jess and I always agree that he must have lied on his birth certificate. There is no way that’s someone under the age of 20.

      • He’ll be 20 in two weeks!

        Not that I’m counting or anything.

        • Thank god! I will feel so much better when he exists in the same decade as me!

  5. Caitlin Reply

    How do you get to be one of those girls in the background playing tennis?

  6. Shayna Reply

    Pretty in Pink is the best movie ever! I always thought that Duckie should end up with Andie but then you put Gabe into the picture! Way to make an impossible decision! 🙂

  7. Jacki Reply

    So first, I LOVE all that is Pretty in Pink! But, who would be Stef in this version?

    And Andi can have either, I’ll just take Sid. 😉

  8. Finally watched the whole video…


  9. Sofie Reply