Fine. It’s Tyler Seguin Day.

This post is from Pants, not Chuck.  That is nothing short of a miracle – a miracle that involves a hot guy baby-talking his puppy.

Damn it, Tyler Seguin!  That was my last line of defense.

Video: Tyler Seguin and his puppy ruin your life.

If you’re still alive after that, how about being jealous of a real-life girl?  Lovely WUYS pal Jana attended the Plymouth Whalers alumni game on August 4th.

She got to meet Tyler…

… and reports that he was very nice, if a little reserved, possibly due to his rabid female fanbase. (I raised my hand. Was that not a question?)  But once they started talking, he kept right on talking.

Because he’s cool, right?  Not just because Jana has an awesome, Pants-coveted haircut and strongly resembles Ashley Greene?

I swear they’re talking about what romantic restaurants will let them bring the puppy onto the patio during dinner.

Chuck’s been working to turn me into a Seguinista for years, but I’ve resisted.  So Jana had a back-up plan in case I was not yet jealous. A plan in which she also met James Neal.

Are you trying to kill me?!

I would have hurdled this table fast enough to qualify for the Olympics, people.

To sum up, my summer has consisted of zero puppies, zero hockey players and the Snickers I ate for breakfast.  Wah waaaaaaaaah.  Other people clearly have better plans/luck/haircuts and are making them count.

Thanks to Jana for sharing her pictures with us!  Keep ’em coming, of course.  Donations gratefully accepted.

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  1. jana Reply

    You guys make me laugh out loud–which I’m sure my co-workers in the cube farm completely appreciate!

    For the record, I’m still not over meeting TS. He’s way too cute for his own good! 🙂

    • Your left arm is touching his right arm.

      I bow down to you. You are a legend.

      Pants- I know how you feel. Thanks to Jess and Chuck, I have come to the dark side.

      • muahahahhahhahah Welcome to the Dark Side. It’s quite lovely here.

      • Incedental arm touching is my second go-to move, after “running away and crying.”

        And isn’t the Dark Side so much more fun?? Our slogan should be “Come to the Dark Side. We have puppies and biceps… at the same time.”

      • Heather Reply

        *Raises hand* I am now a bona fide member of the Dark Side, too, after that damn video!!! 😀

    • He does have that affect on people. Also, he’s really really good at hockey.

  2. Liz Reply

    I hate to jump on teenybopper bandwagons (Quaider is my Bruins BF) but Tyler Seguin is literally irresistible. He’s an absolute doll.

    • Darth Quiader is awesome as well. That mullet alone is worth it.

  3. jana Reply

    Amanda and Jess, Let me just tell you that he and I were leaning in so close we were smooshed up against each other. My thought process was, I knew he wasn’t going to stand so I was going to lean in as much as possible. What I didn’t expect was for him to lean back in so strongly. Good Lord. I could barely concentrate.

  4. Deanna Reply

    That video is enough to turn anyone into a Seguinista. Hot guy, cute puppy… what more can you want?

    Jana, you are one lucky, lucky woman! Tyler & Nealer? Amazing.

    • Heather Reply

      Agreed, Deanna! Especially since said hot guy is also an extremely talented athlete who plays at the highest level of his sport!

      Jana, I have to tell you that I am JEALOUS!!! *lol* I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate, either…I’d probably have been drooling like a half-wit.

      “No stopping, Daddy’s hungry.” Probably the BEST & cutest comment EVER! The things I could say in reply to that one…..

  5. Ashley Reply

    omg that video. i may never be able to be a functioning member of society again.

  6. Rose Reply

    I think maybe he saw your Foxy Friday post about guys with dogs last Friday.

  7. Nothing is truer than the tagline “Tyler Seguin and his puppy ruin your life” because that’s exactly what that video did! This may be the cutest thing that I have ever seen in my entire life! What is this boy doing to all of us?!!?!?

  8. Casey Reply

    TSegs might be 5 years younger, but holy hell he does not look it. Does he need a dog sitter? Dog walker? I’ve got an impressive resume…..

    • Heather Reply

      Casey, you’re lucky that he’s ONLY 5 years younger than you! For me, he’s young enough to make me cringe. Honestly, though, I can say about TSegs what I say about JStaal & Tanger, “For THAT man, I would OWN the title, Cougar!!!!” Bahahahahahahaha

  9. Heather Reply

    DAMN IT!!! I just watched the damn puppy video TWICE AND 2 other TSegs videos on BruinsTV! Now I can’t get enough of this boy and that’s just crazy! Totally becoming a Seguinista, Chuck! 😀

  10. MouthGuard Reply

    It’s totally a-okay to want a guy to grow TF up AND admire him for being a walloping hunk of pretty beast at the same time. I am seeing signs of maturity now that he has a furry creature that depends on him for survival, positive reinforcement and unhealthy doggy treats. I have always thought he was delicious to look at and lethal on the ice, just maybe too douchey in person. I hope he gets better at proving me wrong.

    And huge applause for Jana for rocking a hairdo that only .0007% of the population can get away with. Kudos to you for not having a 6-head, or walleyes, or a buttchin, or Spock ears, or a monobrow, or a pumpkinhead, or bloodhound jowels, or…. 😉 Okay I’ll stop. You get the idea. HARDEST HAIRDO TO ROCK. Hands down.

    • jana Reply

      Wow! You completely flatter me! Too bad you’re not a hot NHL player who’s into girls with short hair! 😉

      But seriously, thank you.

      • MouthGuard Reply

        Somewhere, there exists a hot NHL player who’s into girls who rock the hardest hairdo in all of humanity to pull off.

        Keep lookin’ and keep the faith. By all accounts, you have no problems randomly meeting these guys. Report back to all of us when you have snagged said NHL’er. We will want a full, blow-by-blow account. Oh yes. 🙂

        • jana Reply

          I’m possibly headed to Toronto in midOctober. We’ll see what kinds of shenanigans I can get myself into and I’ll report back–hopefully not for bail money!