Foxy Friday – Kris Letang

How have we never not done him? Well, I mean a Foxy Friday at least? Cause I’ve .. well. Anywho.

My pretty pony …

Hot mess of hockey hair goo-goo-goodness is EVERYTHING a Foxy Friday should be and more. If a picture speaks a 1000 words then it’s a wonder the internet hasn’t exploded when a picture of this man is uploaded because when his parents conceived him that egg said not only “yes, yes, yes”, I mean “oui, oui, oui”  but that sperm had to have broken land speed records getting in there.

What? These guns? I’m a peaceful man … but DO. NOT. CROSS. ME.

He’s Pittsburgh’s workhorse but he’s not afraid to mix it up.

Ovi has a crush on him too – and who wouldn’t? I think pretty  much all hockey players would put Kris at the top of all their lists.

Excuse me guys, can I just squeeze in between you two for my dream sandwich?

I could pick his skate-gate out a 100 hockey player’s because it’s about as beautiful as his hair!

Watching him skate backwards SHOULD BE AN OLYMPIC SPORT – just sayin’ – it’s already an ALL-STAR GAME spectacle 😉

I love summer because the thought of Kris being shirtless somewhere hot, keeps me going until I can see him on the ice come fall!

This is SOOOOOOO last summer Kris. Come on …. cut us girls a break.

We usually tout the Foxy Friday’s NHL prowess in the post but he’s already got the Stanley Cup, been nominated for a Norris Trophy, been robbed a couple of years by NOT being nominated, and yet, I think they are just jealous.  

Lay your hands on me, lay your hands on me … ok – Bon Jovi, I am not.

A guy who is this damn good-looking, can skate backwards with rainbows flowing all around him and lay a punch on you, make you see unicorns fly over head only to have you thank him after he’s scored on you both ON AND OFF THE ICE – is truly the FOXIEST guy in the NHL.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


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  1. I was trying to think of something incredibly witty to say but all I could come up with was…*sigh*

    Tanger will soon be my favorite DILF in the NHL

  2. Cassy Reply

    Ah Dawn, finally the deserved honour!

    But you forgot the video of him and Deryk Engellund fighting (you know, where Kris lost his shirt :D).

    Not to mention the warm up video….

    And didn’t someone say he’s going to be a daddy? (cue adorbs pic of topless Kris holding naked, sleeping baby to his chest…)

    But… Yum

  3. Rebecca Guilbert Reply

    The second I saw the “dream sandwich” with Ovi I knew Dawn was writing this! lol

    Awesome Foxy Friday 🙂

  4. Ashley Reply

    i’ve always said tanger is the tim riggins of the nhl. the similarities are uncanny and fantastic. (and taylor kitsch is canadian and apparently used to be a good hockey player before hurting his knee and becoming an actor.) clearly i have a type.