Foxy Friday: Zach Parise

It’s astonishing that we’ve never Foxy Friday-ed Zach Parise before.  He is the epitome of what your mother hopes you bring home someday – handsome, talented, and he can read.  Seriously, he does charity work for the NJ library system.  To dislike Zach Parise is to hate reading, and your mother would be very disappointed.

You already know that Zach is American, because he scored the gold medal game-tying goal at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.  Remember that game all your friends were watching, screaming at the TV and saying “hockey is so great!”?  You resisted throwing Doritos and politely reminded them you’ve been saying this for twenty years.

Well, that’s how I remember it.

No doubt you heard a hundred thousand hockey fans collapse from exhaustion just after midnight when the Devils finally scored in double OT to beat the Florida Panthers and advance to the second round.  I couldn’t watch the game, but you guys were stressing me out just via Twitter.  I’m sorry I missed it!

Celebrating the singe-OT winner in Game 6.

Parise has played seven seasons for the Devils.  He missed most of ’10-’11 with a knee injury then signed a one-year contract in July 2011 to avoid salary arbitration.  In October he was named team captain, but has not signed a long-term deal and would become an unrestricted free agent on July 1.  

The team has openly said that signing Zach is their top off-season priority, while right now everyone is focused on winning [New York Times].  It’s a tough situation when every win only makes Parise more attractive to other teams – teams with salary cap space and early-ended playoff dreams of their own, like Ottawa and Florida [].

“He’s the heartbeat of our team,” head coach Pete DeBoer said. “When your captain is your hardest-working player, he drags people with him, and that’s a great situation to be in as a coach.” []

Off the ice, Zach enjoys golf (we enjoy driving the cart) and cribbage (don’t know what that is, willing to learn)  His favorite movie is The Count of Monte Cristo, and we assume he’s also read the book.  Just watch this interview… but don’t show it to your mom.  You will never hear the end of, “When is that nice Zach boy coming over for dinner?”

I’m sorry, but ‘Press Your Luck?!’  The Gravitron?! I haven’t been thrown up on in one of those since day camp.  Come on, my mom will drive us to the fair!

Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Your Last Name Here, it's so nice to meet you.

The Devils open their series vs. the Flyers on Sunday at 3 PM.  After what happened in round one, you can guess what I would like Zach & Co. to do to Philadelphia.

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  1. Casey Reply

    It’s just sad that he is planning a summer wedding to his long time girlfriend… Alicia? Alysa? Meh who cares! As long as I can still look at him I’m good!

  2. Tiffany Reply

    FINALLLLLLY!!! A Foxy Friday featuring a Devils player!! And not a bad choice I do say so myself!!! He is the reason why I began watching the Devils in 2009 (thanks to my brother who asked me what I thought of him!). Oh he is so dreamy and gorgeous, his fiancé is one lucky girl I tell you! He BETTER sign back with the Devils, otherwise I would just die. Like DeBoer said, he IS the heartbeat of this team! Plus, I cannot repeat cannot see him in any other color than red and black.

    Also, another great Foxy Friday-er (?) would have been my favorite Devils hockey player AND the hero of last nights game (which had me pacing, shaking, and heart racing) ADAM HENRIQUE!!! He’s a 22 year old rookie, a Calder finalist, dark hair, blue eyes, GORGEOUS face bone structure, and he’s Canadian. I am in love with this kid, you have no idea.

    Go Caps and go DEVILS WOOOO!!!!

    • We’re trying to spread the love.
      Your vote for Adam Henrique is duly noted.

      • Tiffany Reply

        Oh that’s so awesome! I’m so glad that somehow found this site. I ABSOLUTEY LOVE Mikey Mondays, Fantastic job you guys do!! 🙂

  3. spider280898 Reply

    Okay, I have officially forgiven Zach Parise for the seven minutes of cornory damaging angs and anxiety that he induced back in February 2010. Who couldn’t love that video?

    WUYS: changing my mind one Foxy Friday at a time!

    • “WUYS: changing my mind one Foxy Friday at a time!”

      Glad we could be so helpful!

  4. Last night was the first time I have EVER rooted for the Devils! Pants, I’m with you 1000% on what I want to see in Round 2!!!!! If ever there was a team that can get in Philly’s head, it’s the Devils. The Playoffs are back ON for me because of this series! *lol* Does this make me a bandwagon fan? Yes, but ONLY because my team is out. At this point in the season, there are more bandwagon fans than true ones because that’s the nature of the playoffs. I can live with that. 🙂

  5. I’ve always known Parise is a babe but how am I going to explain this explosion of love to the other Captains I’m already in love with?? Namely Toews, Ladd AND Callahan?? EXCELLENT FF choice, Pants – I’m applauding from Canada. And now I get to watch more of Zach when they hopefully end the Flyers. MMM!

    • You forgot Crosby.

      Also Parise = young Val Kilmer. So much, right?!

  6. So glad you guys are showing a Devil some love! I have been a devils fan forever, and of course i totally adore ZP! (I mean, how could you not?!) It is a terrible feeling knowing that this could possibly be our last year with him, but I will hope like hell that we can hold on to our valuable captain!

    I also second Tiffany’s sentiments that Adam Henrique deserves some acknowldgement, for both his sick play AND gorgeous face (those lips!)

  7. If I brought ZP (aka Zippy) home to my parents, Mom would say something all cute in Polish then stuff him full of pierogies. Zippy would smile. All would swoon. And my dad would make him drink shots of his homemade krupnik.

  8. Lorelei6903 Reply

    I was pulling for the Panthers last night. What a battle! This young man is mucho attractive. He and his teammates will be my new favorite playoff adopted team if they can get rid of the damn Flyers!

  9. Becky Reply

    Cribbage and The Count of Monte Cristo? My two favorite things; I would so be in heaven!

    • Becky Reply

      Besides hockey of course!

  10. Knuuuuble! Reply

    Foxy Friday Boyd Gordon???

  11. Scarlett Reply

    There is not a man in this universe more adorable than Zach Parise. He is the human equivalent of a puppy. So much precious.

    • Farah Reply

      HAHA! So true. Him + Ryan Carter + how much I hate the Flyers = cheering for a New Jersey vs. New York Eastern finals.

  12. Ajane Reply

    I’m a HUGE Flyers fan but i love your guys blog. With the second round in mind as soon as i saw the FF was for a Devils player i knew i had to read it.Now i might have to secretly vote for Zack Parise ( but only him) during the game Tommorow.
    -Keep up the good work, this blog is awesome!

    • Ajane, your secret is safe here. Most of us have confessed our traitorous Giroux admiration by now anyway, so we’re in no position to judge. 😉

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