Don't Mess with Nicky

Last night, Rene Bourque elbowed Nicky B in the face.

My neighbors must think I’ve opened a truck stop for the mile-long string of extremely colorful expletives that came out of my mouth.  Bourque got an elbowing minor.  Nicky took two more shifts, then went off for “observation” and did not return to the game.  Coach Dale Hunter says they’ll know more today.

You hurt THIS FACE?! What is wrong with you?!

Shanny’s going to bust out his spray starch today and give Bourque a disciplinary hearing [link].  Bourque has already been suspended once this year – just 18 days ago (12/18)!  He got 2 games for boarding Brent Seabrook [video].  Apparently he’s only after guys with really great hair.

Nicky had 3 assists and was First Star.  Mike played 15 minutes and had 2 penalties – none of them for fighting the guy who decked his boyfriend.  The Caps beat the Flames 3-1 and have won their last 4 in a row.

If Nicky misses games… I can’t. I’m not going to say anything.  Mike just got back!  They need each other!  And I/we need them!  We’ll just play TSwift’s “Nothing I Do Better than Revenge” on a loop today and sharpen our claws.

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  1. MelTing Reply

    I’ve hated Bourque ever since he nutted Doughty last year, and I’m sure Dawn was horrified as well. It’s like Borque’s trying to destroy all the things we treasure the most…

  2. Convinced Borque is trying to take out my fantasy team, one by one. He better hope he doesn’t meet me in dark alley any time soon.

    My coworkers were a bit concerned when I checked twitter and read about the hit- then they remembered I’m “the crazy hockey chick” and moved on.

    Get well Nicky, Pooh needs you!