Desperate Times, Require Desperate Measures.

DDTBG is a no-show at training camp and he is the last hold out in the restricted free agent circle. I don’t think I would need to look far to find him. Anyone, anyone?

Yeah … i went there AND sent a postcard – baby Drew!

While I can appreciate what he wants, what I want is my sweet, sweet back’s bad ass DDTBG on the ice. So I’ve devised a plan. I’m driving to B.C. getting MelTing and we are wearing the below outfits tied with empty Diet coke cans strapped on  and hunting Drew down and running back and forth and then to the LA Kings training camp. Oh, he’ll follow us! How could he resist? Hot chicks, dressed as hamburgers with diet cokes? That trumps a contract any day. The LA Kings just aren’t looking at this right!

Come on Drew, you know you wanna take a bite!

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  1. Have you been drinking at work, Dawn? Or are you bringing me a burger?

    (PS: Can I please borrow this for next year’s Jimmy Buffett concert?)

  2. Dawhcherrie Reply

    How did you know? Why yes, I got an early start today … Because you know what tomorrow is!!!!!!!

  3. MelTing Reply


    Well, we have to have the right perfume too, or we can just bathe in Diet Coke first. Pretty sure I’ve already been told I have buns of sesame. Or was that just a guy saying “open sesame”?
    I went to school in London, so I have some familiarity with its jolly olde drinking establishments, this plan could totally work!